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Chargers-Raiders Live Game Thread

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  1. This sounds similar to mine...I'm exactly 49 kms (30 miles)...I'll ride 2 km to train, then figure out how much id like to ride in...there are 14 stops between my stop at work...sometimes I'll get off and ride 30 kms...other days I'll do a short 15 kms... somedays I'll just do the full 50

  2. Man I hope they target Tee like crazy in the 4th...he's beating coverage almost every down

  3. I just had this conversation with someone else so I copied and pasted what I told them. Installing taskbar is what I do so I can cast. Privilege mode isn't persistent and will revert back to lockdown after some time. Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for this! Just bought a 2450 that is facing a 65 inch tv and not being able to cast was beyond frustrating...followed your steps and was casting in less than 5 minutes!

  5. Wait I don’t follow nfl very closely, who should I be rooting for if I want the Steelers in playoffs?

  6. Drafted 6th in a 12 man PPR. Went Kelce then Mixon. I would say though, the reason I won was because of my later picks. Went Allen, Montgomery, Damien Harris, Herbert with my next 4 picks.

  7. That seems just like an overall great draft. Congrats on the win

  8. Yea it turned out great. I'm a Mixon believer and happy he had a great year. That Herbert Allen stack was fun this year!

  9. Aaron with his inner Nick Sirianni...water the roots, flowers bloom

  10. In my 12 man PPR keeper league, I'm picking last since I won the league. I'm hoping he falls that far...if he does, I'm not even 2nd guessing it

  11. I traded Devonta Smith and Cordarelle Patterson for Ridley the week before he announced he was out. Still managed to win the regular season and ended up playing against that team in the finals. Smith and Patterson both scored under 10, helped me win by 2.4!

  12. Michael Carter. My 4 RBs ended up being pretty solid throughout the year, Mixon, D Harris, Monty ( Khalil when he went down ), Jacobs. Never trusted him more than those guys to start.

  13. Barely in the lead and my opponent has Chubb. Needless to say, I'm lubed up and ready for this fat L

  14. Same my man...only up 8 in PPR, was hoping Hunt was a go for a potential split in carries

  15. Same :( Up 9 against Chubb. Sat Chicago D/ST for Dallas too which is pure pain

  16. Who is bald Jesus? Kept seeing it past few weeks and no idea who was being referenced.

  17. Yep or lose, it's a relief once it's done. Now just enjoy the playoffs and Superbowl...with some parlays along the way...until Feb hits and I miss it again

  18. I hear you man...all the Bucs fucked me...played AB, Rojo and the Bucs D...went against Mike Evans and Gronk....the shittiest of shit outcomes

  19. Damien Harris or Carter in only tough decision, no clue what to do

  20. So still connected to Ekeler. Just a bit more sly in getting your desired response

  21. Was I asking a question??? I found some info on his practice, saw the sub didn't really provide an update and decided to share it...what the fuck do you think this sub is for??

  22. Lol...I'm still confused by this whole comment thread, but I guess people love to "call you out", even when it doesn't make sense to

  23. FT Mew and Jirachi with your OT LF Manaphy Egg (not sure what the value is, let me know if this is reasonable) or offers

  24. 7. High because it’s more star wars, not higher because Boba isn’t really a character I’ve been dying to explore more. Much more hyped for Ahsoka and Mando season 3

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