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  1. Yeah, I've heard about this rule, do you know by chance if I have say half the money for the 3 years would a part time job be able to suffice for the other half? I have a few friends in Norway who have said they could probably help me get a part time job when I eventually move!

  2. Income from work can count toward the total. But you need to be able to show a job offer.

  3. And to have a job offer you need to have a student permit, then you're allowed to work for 20h/week. So for the first year a non-EU student need to show the full amount in cash/scholarships.

  4. As well as what the others have suggested, Kaffistova might be what you’re looking for:

  5. Oh, I see! That would make sense, thank you so much :)

  6. English is a weird language as it has one word for love. Other languages have different words for different kinds of love, for example between friends, family, or sexual partners.

  7. You should go to the movies. Your girlfriend should be your priority and this would mean a lot to her. See whether your old friend wants to go too. If not try to explain the situation and make an arrangement to meet some other time.

  8. It’s up to you to define where your boundaries lie. If you’re uncomfortable with what he did then it’s cheating. For what it’s worth I think that it’s normal and reasonable to view direct contact with a sex worker as cheating. If he was unsure he should have talked to you first.

  9. Talk to a lawyer. They’ll tell you how to end the marriage as easily as possible.

  10. I dont see how a restaurant workers make a “generous living” while getting payed 160-175kr per hour. Enlighten me on this

  11. Exactly, it’s not much higher than minimum wage in parts of the US. And many things are much cheaper there.

  12. Minimum wage in the US for tipped jobs in most places is $2 an hour though so it's not the same at all, I don't tip when getting a bacon sausage at a gas station either and their job is probably at least as hard as being a waiter.

  13. It depends. In California for example employers can’t offset tips as part of the minimum wage.

  14. It’s implemented by the employer. Basically something that can happen if requested.

  15. I could not find anything. Maybe there are no cruise ships to Helsinki…

  16. I don’t think I’ve heard of one. Your best bet might be to take the ferry from Oslo to Copenhagen and then go on a cruise to Helsinki from there.

  17. For anyone with highly specialised skills the best strategy would probably be just to reach out to as many people as possible.

  18. the freelance visa is *relatively* easy as fuck to get, if u can figure out how to freelance maybe do that. Norwegian-English translation is an idea, it pays quite well actually. The translation seems naturally lend itself to being a freelance solo practitioner work.

  19. Seems to me that the OP isn’t asking for legal advice on immigration regulations and is looking for more general discussion. So the post may be ok with the mods.

  20. You really should talk to a lawyer rather than look for legal advice from people on Reddit.

  21. You might be able to get away with Ekebergsletta or Ekebergskrenten. Especially if you get up and leave early.

  22. Looks like the Norwegians are among the longest lived. As a Norwegian I feel I should take this opportunity to make a fortune from selling a diet book based on eating potatoes, bread, fish and meat.

  23. This is the correct answer. When the mods are on the fence about a post, we often take a look at the engagement. The more replies/engagements, the more likely we are to let it slide because the community is engaging with it.

  24. Yes. I’m a mod on another part of the internet and the same thing happens. If are engaging with a thread then we’re unlikely to degree it.

  25. I lost 3 pairs of wireless earbuds(samsung buds, airpods). My parents can buy me a 4 pair but i dont want to ask them.

  26. It’s definitely cheating (unless you explicitly told him that it’s ok, which you didn’t).

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