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  1. This is not correct. OP only plans to work here for two months, and stay the maximum 90 days.

  2. Which paragraph would that be? Genuine question as I’ve read through it and can’t see such an exception for non-EEA citizens. But perhaps I missed something.

  3. Yes, fit to fly are expensive. I suspect the system has been designed that way to discourage travel, but still make it possible for people who really need to fly.

  4. Why do immigrants insist on calling themselves expats lol

  5. Because ‘expat’ is short for ‘expatriate’ and the word means “Someone who lives outside their native country” (Oxford English Dictionary). So for many people ‘expatriate’ and ‘migrant’ are synonyms. You are free to use them in different ways, but there is nothing wrong with using them synonymously.

  6. Except it's often used by these people to differentiate themselves from what they consider "immigrants".

  7. Fair enough if that’s how you use the word. My experience is different in that most people just use expat as another word for immigrant. The OP isn’t wrong to use it that way.

  8. Like the others have written, if you want a well paid corporate job without being fluent in Norwegian then you need a) skills that are needed and are scarce in Norway, and b) to be able to find a role that doesn’t require complex communication in Norwegian.

  9. Backend IT in a big city - yes. Otherwise chances are very slim.

  10. There’s a big difference between learning enough Norwegian to be able to chat to friends and having the language proficiency to be able to get a well paid Norwegian speaking corporate job that the OP is looking for. The latter would require that someone speaks better Norwegian than most Norwegians (eg formal writing skills). It is of course possible for an immigrant to reach that proficiency but it would take a lot of study for years before the OP would even have a chance of getting a job offer.

  11. Newspapers are describing a crisis in Tromsø as the doctors don’t have capacity to take on new patients. Link in Norwegian:

  12. Maybe, but do you think it's a coincidence that so many of them chose Norway as an answer? This happened more than once.

  13. Perhaps because Norway is a long way from Portugal. So if it is a lie it’s less likely to be found out by someone who knows the place they claim to be from.

  14. You can find information for immigrants about the Norwegian school system here:

  15. Time it from when you are due to land. You won’t get a formal approval. But it’s possible that you may be asked about it at passport control.

  16. The only reason I can think is the Lithium batteries in the laptop. There are special rules for transporting those. Maybe Fedex don't provide that service for private individuals from the US to Norway.

  17. Yes, due to the fire risk Lithium ion batteries are classed as dangerous goods. Its possible to ship them but there are specific regulations that need to be followed. So someone might just decide that it wasn’t worth it for the company.

  18. To look for possible family members you could just use the telephone directory. I looked up Rykken and Kjossas there are about 20 listed of each with that family name. That’s probably two extended families. There are a few more Tjossas.

  19. Exclusively upvoted by people who were once the oldest kid in the family.

  20. Alright thank you all for your help. I contacted UDI last night as well. This might make this process a bit more challenging but we’ll make it happen! 😉 thanks folks

  21. That’s a good move. As you’ve seen from the discussion, it’s complicated.

  22. I hesitate to disagree as you are normally very accurate, but as far as I can tell there is an exemption for unpaid voluntary work:

  23. My friend who is a vet once told me that it’s much easier to get a job in rural areas than in the major cities.

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