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  1. As a DC fan I would be ecstatic if he wins. But I don’t really know how Death Battle is going to interpret Terumi powers.

  2. You can argue that Sinestro should be immune to a lot of his hax

  3. the issue is that Sinestro literally Cannot kill terumi, so long as fear and hatred exist

  4. You can't both use Morro Arc and call Buu a Villain. And he still doesn't win at first place

  5. Not without the Life Equation which isn’t standard nor is it a big part of his story.

  6. Doesn’t make it standard. Most versus matches with Thanos include the infinity gauntlet.

  7. Exactly, there’s not rlly much of reason for him to not use it other than wanting Simon to win that badly

  8. I mean my iCloud had almost everything 🥱

  9. Sorry you had to deal with depression, I’ve been there before and it sucks


  11. When they said that Xeno trunks wasn’t immeasurable

  12. Why is 3rd or 2nd always better than 1st

  13. If we use comp Dio, then it's only fair to comp everybody, which makes it a little closer? Sauron gets Pre-Eä and Arthas gets Shadowlands, meaning both of them would be in Dios range or well beyond it.

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