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  1. I've often found there's extra hatred allocated for people who decide to eat say 80-90% vegan or go vegetarian with a mostly vegan diet, than for people who eat meat and make no effort to change.

  2. Yeah, I'm species selective and get flamed harder than full meat eaters.

  3. I had about 10 open defects at once where the people verifying the defects had no access to the backend, so they were dependent on me if it didn't turn out to be a request issue. I'm an automated tester that handles lots of things, so when I run tests for that particular system, I drown in defects because the people assigned to it miss so much.

  4. VBScript, it's like they tried to make the worst language possible. My boss coded something to pop off other programs in it, but no one wanted to touch it, so a coworker redid it from scratch in Python.

  5. I've legit seen men's room where it is just a bed on the floor and a laptop. More than just one occasion.

  6. This isn't that far off from how I'm living. I don't exactly want to get furniture because I'm moving so much.

  7. I don't think I've ever used recursion since I left college. It's all iteration for me.

  8. It can actually come in handy for stuff like tree traversal when writing performance sensitive code since heap allocations are often much more expensive than keeping everything on the stack.

  9. Luckily I work on an HVD, so I can just close the window and have full access to help sites. You can't copy paste, but it does the job.

  10. Some manual testing jobs don't. Automated testing jobs possibly could if they were using tools though those tools make me want to shoot myself.

  11. Random, I never use VATS. I use a mod that adds slow-mo like how Project Nevada adds it to NV, which is straight up more fun than VATS.


  13. It's been suspended, so stuff that would go into there naturally goes here now.

  14. Why suspended? I didn't think it was a right-wing sub so much as a sub criticizing the right wing

  15. It might have had the mods disappear. I think the admins will suspend abandoned subs. I'm not really sure though.

  16. Don't know about turians, but Salarians have clocas because Mordin calls hi XO a cloaca-head when recalling an operation where they had to work with soil samples

  17. For me, it was the universe's hide and seek champion. For a long time, it was apparent to me that he didn't do anything.

  18. I think it's more that they were on the absolute opposite side of the galaxy from everyone else. I'm guessing that it's actually Batarians that were the next most recent given that they are effectively peer with the Alliance with Quarians going spacefaring third most recently.

  19. Why even bother with robots, nerve stapled slaves make a good workforce too. And you can even bioengineer them to serve as a really good food source too!

  20. I'm too busy hammering buy in the slave market to notice whether it's an organic or a robot that I'm buying.

  21. What kind of exercises would you do to build healthy tendons, ligaments, and bone density?

  22. My headcanon: god doesn’t even know we’re here. This is a physics simulation so He can look at supernovas.

  23. Damn higher dimensional kids playing their version of Universe Sandbox.

  24. The Space Jews have to test out their point defense lasers somewhere.

  25. I guess I am in the minority opinion that it’s largely a good game as-is

  26. Lots of people agree with you. Speaking as someone that won't get it until major improvements are made, it's just that there appears to be a bit of a hate-bandwagon going on.

  27. It's scarce enough that I stay away from certain guns unless I'm playing with a class that has extra carry weight. I'm not using the Harrier unless I can carry something else big when it burns through its ammo in 15 seconds. Of course, some like the Venom have so much ammo that you'll never run out.

  28. I think MN. Dems got full control of government, so the Senate won't block a weed bill this time.

  29. That's me when I use Project Nevada setting to put max blocked damage to 99% and start using the grenade apw as a point blank weapon.

  30. Yeah, it looks like the old model but with extra panels attached.

  31. The morons at the company I work at did that. Luckily, I work remotely with the company stuff on an HVD, so basically I just minimize the window and * bam * no more stack overflow blocking.

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