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  1. It’s actually a waterproof memory foam crib mattress, and some good sheets. Easy to clean, and super inexpensive compared to other giant dog beds.

  2. The ol’ Great Dane boobie trap. Gets me every time also.

  3. The rubber keeps it from burning your hand.

  4. Wow, that’s surprising. The rubber caps really seem permanent. I also don’t know how my family would have acquired such a thing!

  5. Blown for sure, white smoke = oil in combustion chamber.

  6. The guy on the right looked at him like, "Numbnuts! WTF"

  7. Lol, and the dude in the background hurt his leg sprinting to push his bike like 5 feet.

  8. idk why i just saw this reply but you were actually right. significantly reducing substance use and living a busy lifestyle and going outside has helped me improve a lot

  9. You see bad driving and get competitive?

  10. If you're such a wussy why the hell do you have a great dane.

  11. If you’re such a dick why the hell do you bother typing?

  12. Lol, I was hoping someone got a laugh out of it

  13. Look at the position along the wall, it really is nearly the same spot!

  14. That’s stupid. Standard expression.

  15. That is highly inappropriate of the doctor. Absolutely bring it to the attention of the hospital.

  16. Fuck the hospital. Speak to an attorney. Let them call the hospital.

  17. Only when he’s curious. They used to cover his eyes, lol. (Check my earlier posts)

  18. Extra? Back Up Goaltender? Was he lent by the stars?

  19. Emergency backup goalie. Both of the Ducks' goalies were injured

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