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  1. When I first read the title, I thought you were 48 and your professor was 20. But still no, she’s 28 years older than you and eventually the truth will get out. So it’s best not to

  2. “Ты идешь на смерть, мой друг” - Bodark.

  3. your character alone looks like the edgy bigger sister, mixed with the outfit and it matches perfect. I’d call it “Chilling”. <3

  4. just going to take a shot in the dark and guess they were on pc since can't pose like that unmodded to my knowlegde (two on the left)

  5. What u being like this for.. people is tryna help

  6. Take a look at Siphons comment and tell me how he’s trying to help

  7. Yours looks exactly like mine, only difference is that I used all black with quad lens. Good job

  8. Your character is staring into my soul and I’m uncomfortable.

  9. Leia, [In the most respectful and nicest way I can], HOW does he even REMOTELY put his ARM in your ass????

  10. Come on guys be serious. I meant if you two actually got together then what was the freakiest thing that she has done to you.

  11. How do u do the transfer glitch? Is it the non transfer glitch?

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