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  1. You can send all the tall, financially stable women my way. Thanks.

  2. Sorry, we have a limited quantity of tall, financially stable women. We currently only have short, unstable women at the moment.

  3. You're not alone buddy, you're not alone. Just be happy you don't have 6 canine teeth...

  4. Lol to be fair, all of my teeth are really sharp. May as well have 6 canines....

  5. My F30 doesn't have any interior noise at 80k miles. Premature wear, bad install, material issues, or excessive usage can cause this though.

  6. I can't get it on my Facebook, my friend also said it was much better, I've googled it, uninstalled and reinstalled Facebook, nothing!

  7. Yeah, this is a common issue. I had it when it first came out, now it basically doesn't exist on my profile. Which is fine, but it's still broken lol

  8. I have this and can vouch that it does work. I have the most basic f30 model, 316d with no thrills. I can connect ny phone to the car for calls but not for media. The workaround is a device called a tunai firefly. It plugs in like in the above photo and shows up as a USB device on my phone. I can then play music from my phone over the cars speakers on the aux setting. Calls still come in as normal. Hope that makes sense

  9. I legitimately can't wrap my head around how that works. Wouldn't it be easier to get a transmitter or aux?

  10. You mean an aux cable? I prefer this cos it's wireless. Don't really know how it works I just know it does haha. Had it for 3 years and my phone automatically connects when I get in the car.

  11. Yeah, aux being aux cable. I have no idea, never saw anything like that but I mean I guess if it works 🤷

  12. Alright, thank you. I was mainly worried about the fairly quiet frequent ticking sound that is more hearable at the end of the video.

  13. Most of the noise I believe is from the coil packs, injectors, and some even have rattling exhausts. My N20 sounds identical at 70k miles 🤷

  14. Oh yeah just thinking about it makes me so wet.

  15. It's the aesthetics we want, not so much the performance

  16. Then in that case he has shit friends and shit family. No decent people would shit on someone asking for help.

  17. For the record, almost all people are far from decent. So, finding people willing to help or even listen without judgement is way harder than you're making it out to be.

  18. This is the response I was coming to say. It isn't like I don't have friends that I know would be there for me if I needed them. But the day to day? When I get home from work after a rough day? When nothing is wrong per say but I just don't feel good? Sheer loneliness.

  19. I don't even have friends to turn to lmao. Shit's so lonely.

  20. Price is at $123,456. Meaning it's a placeholder price. It will probably end up selling for well above that.

  21. My uncle is 20 years older than my aunt and she was 21 when they got together, still happily married 40 years later. Don’t knock it.

  22. There are reasons why older men hunt younger women, and why it's predatory. Just because they seem surface-level happy doesn't necessarily mean that your aunt wasn't taken advantage of.

  23. Do you genuinely think it’s impossible that my aunt is genuinely happy? Not trying to start an argument, I’m actually curious.

  24. Nope, I don't think that's really relevant. Happiness, anyone can be happy with any partner if they're synced well enough. I'm glad your aunt is well and happy, it's just not something seen to be in the norm and a lot of the time has bad consequences for the younger person.

  25. I wish we were more accepting of people's insecurities. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with being insecure, but only if you know how to express that insecurity and more importantly detect your own insecurities. I think people would be able to do that more often if we didn't stigmatize it the way we do.

  26. Insecurity occasionally leads to toxic or abusive relationships or odd power dynamics. Feeling insecure is one thing, expressing your insecurities is also typically fine as long as you're looking for reassurance in a healthy manner and can manage it on your own.

  27. Yep, that's about the best way you can put it hands down.

  28. i would not park that on the street...i mean I'll never own one so it's moot...but if i did...

  29. Tbh it's probably safer on the street than in a parking lot especially in California. Door ding central.

  30. Yeah f30 320i mineral grey, multiple trips cross country has messed my front end up pretty badly, but I have a feeling it’s gonna cost way to much to fix.

  31. Yeah, I have one that's estoril blue. It's just a bummer, was hoping to not have to spend $1-2k just to get these fixed. I'll update once I get a quote

  32. And what do I do with the banked money in the village I currently live in?

  33. You'd do better in Portland or Seattle, at least Cost of Living is more manageable.

  34. 800 would likely be on the low end with housemates.

  35. Because they can work remotely and pay reasonable rent prices lol.

  36. Would that not be a reflection of the politics of the state? I think Ca and TX have cery different views on taxes, fiscal policy, and freedoms

  37. Not particularly. See, these people are keeping their high income from California and moving to states with "affordable" cost of living.

  38. Literally isn’t that what everyone is doing with these posts? Get a lil validation, get a lil advice, y’all are just salty

  39. I mean, I wouldn't know. Just making an observation. I have no actual opinion on OP or who she is as a person. Her profile is kind of bland and people just want to dig on someone out of their league. Not like it's anything new.

  40. Well, before you deleted your comment you certainly had an opinion of her character. “Just making an observation” is code for ‘I know what I said was rude, but you don’t get to be upset about it’

  41. I deleted it because people were piggybacking on it to use it as an excuse for even more hateful comments like saying she's easy.

  42. I thought everyone buys BMWs because they can’t afford a Porsche? Maybe I’m the only one..

  43. Right now, they're in pretty similar price brackets in the US. I could've bought a Cayman S or an early model 911 for the price I paid for my F30 🥲

  44. And Japan wants to limit births too? It’s just the culture in that cultural sphere, genius.

  45. China's marriage age isn't cultural. It was initially much lower before today's laws were put into place. So yes, it had some to do with increased population, people still being students or not financially stable to start a family, etc. from what I remember. At 18+ you're legally still an adult.

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