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  1. Both are occasionally available in my area under $5k in acceptable shape. What are the opinions of others?

  2. I got my Xj6 with a 4.0 and a Vanden Plas package, $5k.

  3. the only genuine love ive felt was through the online homies whove stuck around for the past few years

  4. The longer they've been closed the thinner I've stayed. A Taco Bell 5 minutes from the house. Oof.

  5. Easy answer: Is300, you can land yourself in a manual version for sub 10k depending where you live.

  6. I mean she might as well ghost him and end this nonsense for good

  7. I mean, it seems like she's mostly the issue so not like that won't persist into the next relationship.

  8. That’s what I’m saying like dude pay for everything but the breakfast and cigarettes and that automatically leads to ghosting 😂

  9. Lol yeah well a couple others weren't too happy with me saying it but it's true. Like I'd never expect my SO to buy cigarettes or food they aren't eating.

  10. There are lots of services for hydro dipping parts what are you talking about?

  11. That's literally what I'm saying. There's already a massive amount of businesses, tuners have been known, and will go to someone more reputable.

  12. And if it’s available locally so you can skip the shipping? Just because they already exist doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more if they’re good at it. Sure starting a business is an uphill battle but that’s quitter talk. You flipped from “nobody would pay for this. They’d just do it themselves” to “there are already too many services offering this” pretty quick. You just kind of sound like a wet towel.

  13. I mean I'm younger than OP and I understand what it meant

  14. Yeah, isn't really a valid excuse for her behavior. It's obvious OP is a little self centered - but on the bright side, something like that can change if they want it to change.. They're an adult, they should have cognitive ability to recognize wrong doing.

  15. I feel like the fact that my comment went over OP's head speaks VOLUMES.

  16. It does. It could be that English isn't their first language, but more than likely didn't realize the impact of their mental illness onto others.

  17. Thankyou for that. Every day is a step further in the right direction.. I can understand that but like. Couldn’t she have handled it better ? She would outright shout to me that I look and smell bad or a state as she calls it

  18. I'm sorry, I get being depressed. I really do. But why are you trying to validate how YOU feel over how she's felt for month? Like one minor inconvenience for you and your depressive state, she has to be abusive?

  19. Yeah, I tried that it feels impossible. I though there was still a bonus stage upgrade I needed.

  20. It took me ages to get up there. Like literally 30+ tries lol

  21. Thanks for the advice i have a whole other parts car with boxes full of parts but i think i will have to hunt down a seal kit if i want to swap the head

  22. I lol at this. I’ve had quite the few coworkers who thought they were bosses. This little sentence sends them into quite the tizzy.

  23. That's because a lot of people attach their self worth to their job and seniority.

  24. both my efand eg had the bodies rot away around near perfect mechanicals. like it was rotting faster than i could save

  25. He's not wrong, I really am not ready to have that conversation with them.

  26. Yeah, not sure why we need to have a conversation about someone we don't even know and their cheating.

  27. So... are they playing from like 5am until 11pm.. ? Like, in the dark?

  28. I used to date a nerdy white guy. His name was Dion. Nearly everyone I introduced him to expected him to be black. Then they'd ask him why his mom gave him a black name. So fucking embarrassing.

  29. I thought you were dating a dude named after some spicy mustard, which makes sense since white people hate spice.

  30. The "Fuck your Feelings" crowd is having a lot of feelings lately. ❄

  31. I never understood why we never flipped the script on the MAGA and hyper conservatives and just used their own insults against them.

  32. Yeah it’s definitely not. Walking through someplace like Kensington in Philadelphia, you’ve got a good mile of no sanctuary. Walking along Aurora, you’re constantly passing a fast food chain restaurant or a Starbucks or other operating businesses. There’s a Lowe’s and Home Depot kind of anchoring that entire stretch. There is new construction. There are gas stations that have actual gas station pumps that was all you guys. There’s a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop and an Ivar‘s.

  33. Can confirm, would rather walk Aurora with 20 grand in my pocket than Kensington with $20 flat.

  34. Beutiful car with the same powerplant as the AE86 but in a midship format.

  35. Yeah, I understand but like why SUDDENLY is mostly my question.

  36. I have not noticed a spike in interest in them, but I am not on car subreddits very much so could be that. I have always found them cool.

  37. Fair, this is about the 4th or 5th post I've seen the past couple days trying to identify the mk1 mr2. They're rad little cars just very odd they're randomly being asked about suddenly

  38. Why would anyone do this? So everyone else can take advantage of it and do half the work while dumping it onto you?

  39. Bro, are you a bot? Your comment makes no sense in regard to the one you replied to

  40. Beepboop//I believe ::you:: are the bot in which you speak of, human.//boopbeep

  41. Sometimes when I see y’all post I feel super behind. I’ve been banging my head against the Qd wall for a while now. Just completed Mill and Tavern and grinding.

  42. Yep. At the same point as you, but I can't break the SD barrier to save my life. It's been months lol

  43. Definitely the comments. Like sure, the picture and title are pretty damn cringe, but the fact that a LOT of redditors in this comment section can’t prevent themselves from acting like absolute fucking apes because they saw someone’s ass is incredibly pathetic.

  44. Honestly people who thirst trap for validation are made for the people with zero awareness who post creepy ass comments.

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