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  1. here you go tell me if this works

  2. I only made slight modifications to the track ini this version of homestead is really good and racey on its own. for me it was at 101% aggresion with 2x tire wear

  3. so 101% and 2x tires made it realistic and what modifications did you make to track ini for this and what year is the track set at and can you do this on any other tracks sorry if i asked to much

  4. Maybe if you weren't such a dick I would respect this but nah. Try being less of a piece of shit next time.


  6. Sorry, I don't own an expensive wheel and I've only used one once in NR2003, so I really don't know. Hopefully you can find a fix!

  7. Also try running NR2003 in Windowed mode instead of full screen.

  8. You should try these things called sentences. It helps you organize your thoughts in an easy to read manner. You can insert a period “.” at the end of a thought to end the active sentence. It’s cool!

  9. lol true i just never put sentences because i kinda hate it but do have a point

  10. So you need to right click and then click run as administator and you should press yes then it will work

  11. then it says error starting config.exe and cant even put it in my nr2003 directory

  12. so the no cd patch you need to do the 2nd one first did you do the top one first? because there is usealy 2 no cd patches you need to use and you need to do the bottom one first

  13. I’m experiencing the same problem too, I’ve tried messing with nearplane boundaries but no luck so far.

  14. and also same with with update mechanical problems are the same thing

  15. k one question i cant find it on my papy_ai.ini file closest thing is a base tire wear

  16. Do you have the older version of Logitech gaming software installed?

  17. ofcourse when i see the message i sold it already now i gotta get it back lol

  18. There's a circle button with Multiplayer under the circle button with Singleplayer in Player Info

  19. Pretty sure there's no way to get the AI cars to do blowovers unfortunately

  20. Try raising the drafting s distance a little bit and then turn the line modifer to 1.01 you will still have crashes but less of them

  21. Also if you want to join my League in Nr 2003 Just let me know and add me on discord if you wanna join at WarLocked#8726

  22. also if your interested here is the link for the Daily for the Day which blew up

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