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  1. About order of loan priority… I didn’t know that! Taking away the parent plus loan for a moment, with just the subsidized and unsubsidized loans (I want to steer clear of the unsubsidized loan if possible), it wouldn’t cover my semester (the amounts in my original post are all in reference to a single semester, apologies for not clarifying!). My father had agreed to the parent plus loan and is the one telling me to accept more than I need for the flat tuition. The reason why I want to avoid the unsubsidized loan is because it accrues interest while im on school, which seems less than ideal. Is it possible to take just a portion of the parent plus loan and the entire subsidized loan? I am being offered the most through the pp loan.

  2. I’m also sincerely confused on why you want to steer clear of the unsub but have no issue with taking parent plus? This genuinely just does not compute …

  3. I’m sorry I’m making this confusing 😅 I’m definitely not amping up to screw my parent over, neither of us knew about the higher interest rates on the parent plus loan. You’re helping me for sure though. Seeing things clearer now… I’ll take the sub + unsub loans first then reduce the parent plus loan to about a quarter (which is roughly the rest of my tuition).

  4. Glad I could help! It’s totally understandable to be confused and not know what’s best. It’s a really fucked up, messy system, and we expect 18 year olds to understand it. You did the right thing by asking questions first!

  5. thank you!! i was trying to avoid calling but i’ll give them a call today 🥲

  6. Are they open on weekends?? If they are, I need to know what school so I can avoid ever applying there 😂 Seriously though, best of luck, hope you get an answer!

  7. They were open! But partial hours haha. I go to a CC in Texas.

  8. Oh damn, I’m also in TX but not at a CC (though, if I ever applied at another place, it’d be out of state). I’m not going to ask more because I don’t want to know. I don’t want my administration to EVER get wind of this idea! 😂 We do a good job and keep our workflows speedy and in check with five days a week.

  9. What are you calling for help with? Just wondering in case it’s something we can help you with instead.

  10. It sometimes depends on what’s refundable and what isn’t. You’ll need to speak with your school’s financial aid office.

  11. Only if it makes you hit your cost of attendance, which isn’t a super common occurrence.

  12. Uvalde, women’s reproductive rights, POC dying in police custody, the Texas power grid outages during winter 2021…

  13. Don’t forget the constant threat from ERCOT that our power grid is about to go out right now, too, because lolz it turns out it can’t handle heat either.

  14. Yowza, that would drive me nuts not knowing what the heck happened and it wasn't subtle or sneaky in appearing again like in a waste basket or your sink or something but on your frickin' lap where it definitely couldn't have possibly been, freaky 🙃😜

  15. Exactly! I checked all kinds of odd spots thinking “okay, I wasn’t drinking, wasn’t even on any kind of medication whatsoever, but who knows at this point, I’ll go check the fridge anyway.” I was so baffled already by the time it showed up in my lap that I just kind of sat there dumbfounded, muttered “what the fuck,” pondered the universe for a few minutes, and fell back asleep.

  16. That is absolutely fascinating. Has it happened again since? I wonder if you were to wake up at the same time again if your watch would be missing.

  17. Nothing since! It’s a pretty common time for me to randomly wake up at (and go right back to sleep after seeing the time). When I realized it was missing, I thought “well I did loosen the band a tiny bit, maybe it slid off?” but as soon as I put it back on I remembered that’s just not possible. I’ve even gotten my wrist stuck in tight places or gotten the watch caught on things and all that happens is the face flips around and/or the band stretches. I wasn’t drinking that night, hadn’t taken any medication, wasn’t overly tired, don’t recall any dreams - so upon first noticing it was off, even that part felt extremely odd and out of place to me. Having it show up in my lap out of thin air was what pushed it over to a truly “what in the actual fuck” moment 😂

  18. AG brought up the thread collapsing issue on her site.

  19. I love that every other problem with her site, ads, or comment system is “tough shit” or “what do? Sowwy, dunno how to fix” but THIS. This is worth her time and effort? K.

  20. Y'all commenter Denise is on a crazy roll. They've got be trolling and it's hilarious. Especially calling Allison "Editor" lmao.

  21. 100% a troll. It’s too ridiculous even by AAM standards.

  22. Okay. Are you a supervisor? Shift leader? Crew trainer? Any job whose essential function is training newbies?

  23. There is nothing wrong with or unusual about having peers train peers. Not every position is numerous enough for it to make sense to have a designated trainer position for it.

  24. Alison’s post on the weekend thread. I feel for her but also feeling a bit cringey. If her mom doesn’t have the less horrible form of pancreatic cancer, there won’t be a possibility of a good outcome - right? 😔

  25. I really don’t know why she wants to discuss this on her blog. Why not Google? Pancreatic cancer doesn’t have a good survival rate.

  26. Because human experience and anecdote can give you a lot of hope and optimism when all the facts are doom and gloom. I’m certainly not going to fault her, or anyone else, for seeking that in this situation.

  27. If your EFC is zero, you’re already receiving the max amounts of pell grant and loans. That’s as low as EFC goes. There is no mechanism, form, or appeal that can lower your EFC below zero and increase those awards.

  28. “ Okay, first of all, saying, basically, “I prioritized my own feelings of regret above courtesy, general professionalism, and your ability to move forward with your work” is a really, really bad thing to convey.”

  29. TW (icebreakers): "Good morning, ha-ha, it's morning for me but not for everybody, I guess!" is a dead-simple and obvious way to ease into a meeting and acknowledge that the scheduling may not be ideal for participants across other time zones.

  30. AAMer: “My boss always says good morning but it’s NOT a good morning. I have a super special condition that only affects me, in which mornings can never and will never be good. My boss would not know this since I don’t share any details about myself at work (they only just learned my first name), but how DARE she say good morning? It’s not good for me!!!”

  31. "We could get in trouble for pushing it..." oh my god THERE IS NO "WE" HERE. Damn I hate her passive-aggressive scripts.

  32. THANK YOU. This annoys me so much! Sorry, I mean “we could get really annoyed if we keep doing this, so could you maybe stop, Alison?”

  33. No can do, your hardware is obsolete and no longer supported.

  34. TM,BL is still here! I’ll let them reveal themselves if they wish, but they’re frequent commenters here on every weekly thread.

  35. Not at this point. They no longer comment on the actual AAM blog (haven’t for quite a while, IIRC), just here.

  36. There’s also a post in the history where OP states they are behind on rent. Kind of important detail to leave out of their thread…

  37. Still not allowed to illegally evict. If the landlord wants him out, he can go through proper methods, not this ridiculous smashing stuff method

  38. No, of course, but it’s not exactly the same as “my landlord wants to kick me out and has no reason to.” OP is written like the landlord has no standing to even begin the legal methods.

  39. I pick up Montgomery’s card and actually finger it, for the sensation the card gives off to the pads of my fingers.

  40. It’s not a great practice, but it’s not illegal.

  41. Certain protections trump at-will. Discussing pay is one of them.

  42. Aren't there appeal forms to try to file as an independent?

  43. Dependency override would only be granted if there’s a complete breakdown of the parental relationship. No contact due to abuse, for example. A parent who simply doesn’t want to contribute does not qualify. Even if Mom absolutely refuses to submit info, the best that can be done is a form verifying the parent refuses to submit info, and the student is then granted just unsub loans.

  44. The choir update made me feel a little stabby. I am glad she is enjoying herself, but comparing this to the workplace is a pretty big stretch and her advice is just cringe worthy.

  45. Optional second sentence, “contact _________ for anything urgent”. I know, I know, contacting people under any circumstances is a real minefield, just trust me on this one.

  46. But this is AAM, land of the rockstars. No one else can do what they do. Absolutely no one.

  47. Anyone remember Mike C? He always got super-intense about anything safety-related. In his mind, it was a great evil to leave out extra snacks after a meeting, because people would get food poisoning and die, or something? He was adamant that no employer should ever let people do that.

  48. I would give anything to have Mike C back instead of the likes of Keymaster at this point 😂 He used to comment here when we were on blogsnark, but to my knowledge he hasn’t made his way over to this sub yet. Towards the end, he was either sounding saner and more reasonable, or his fellow commenters at AAM were just getting more ridiculous. Probably a mix of both.

  49. I commented and they responded with some bs about bUt iTs bAsEd oN a TrUe sToRy.

  50. And I realized they only watched a few minutes of the movie. How can they criticize something they've hardly seen? They have no leg to stand on.

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