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When laughter meets percussion

Innocent laughter

When the love is out of control.

  • By - vhm3

John Cena Sets Guinness World Record For The Most Wishes Granted Through The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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  1. Sure it is. Jobs gatekeep you without education, luxuries gatekeep you without money, professional sports gatekeep you without talent and experience, vehicles gatekeep you without a license... It's intrinsic to how we function. Don't be naive.

  2. None of that is being discussed here. You know perfectly well we are talking games.

  3. Yes, and not all games are for everyone. They are gatekept by complexity, or style, or plot, or pacing, or even language.

  4. Over levelling and over equipping shouldn’t exist in games.

  5. That’s why we have levels of difficulty. If you want to play on baby mode, you can.

  6. Is it clear she was trying to double-cross you? Seemed like V's the only person in her plan that she isn't trying to double-cross. She's assuming V will walk out of Konpeki with the Relic, hand it to her, she'll sell it, split the proceeds and then book it. Shopping for other buyers is a more-or-less reasonable step in this plan.

  7. Tiny Tina is crazy, Rebecca is not.

  8. It doesn't matter how much you show me this. I'm not interested in watching it again, and fucking dread that I'm going to have to go see the sequels with my wife.

  9. If I claimed my gun was an article of faith, would there be an uproar on reddit for me when I get arrested? The fact that his "article of faith" is LITERALLY A FUCKING KNIFE kinda changes things, no? If your religion requires you to carry weapons at all times, you might be in the wrong religion. I'm actually completely in agreement with the police and school on this.

  10. Atheist here. I support the Sikh. Prove to me his article of faith is dangerous.

  11. Unfortunately, there's no way to cure a lack of taste

  12. No need. I don't do anything for the approval of others. I enjoy what i want, without worry.

  13. I’ve had the idea before, if removing the chip is fatal and jackie died after removing the chip isn’t it possible the chip killed him and not the gunshot wound. If he would have left the chip in maybe he would have survived.

  14. Seeing this copy pasted reply to every criticism of cena’s skeletons in the closet is dizzying lol. You don’t know anything about the person you’re replying to, just jerking off to your dumb headcanon that cena is a benevolent personality we should adore and forgive for groveling to fascist regimes for business purposes

  15. but telling a country that they are not a real country and supporting china's effort to take it over does.

  16. More so meant people misidentifying her as a child

  17. They adjusted the loli trope appropriately to Cyberpunk. I've no complaints, but also recognize her tropes.

  18. No one needs to make any effort to discredit you.

  19. I don't care one way or another. Trigger called her a lolli, as well as CDPR.

  20. A much more streamlined os, and less overhead. Yeah, consoles probably shave a few more milliseconds off.

  21. Are you changing your settings in windows to 1080P. If so, you should be able to select from different hz.

  22. If you are antagonistic to him, he will do it back. If you become friends, things change a bit.

  23. Question, and forgive me if it’s a stupid one, but would this be an instant death in 100% of the cases or is there a chance that a victim could linger for a short while after suddenly having half their body blown apart?

  24. If somehow you didn't die instantly. The trauma would be enough that you would have completely lost all blood pressure and be unconscious, and dead moments later.

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