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  1. idk I'm kinda on board with the McAfee thing, & Biden may have dementia, the rest of it is nonsense ramblings

  2. It’s fine to have weird thoughts but If I as a gay man made this meme about men doing yoga I’d be shamed and harassed for it, and it’s not okay that people are only fine letting it slide if it objectifies women

  3. you would? I guess it depends on where you post it but I feel like the gay version of that meme would be generally more socially acceptable

  4. oh my god it's C. Sans Undertale from 2002 smash hit novel Undertale

  5. humans can't regrow ear tissue. plenty of other animals can but for us hearing damage is permanent for basically no reason

  6. it's actually a combination, precise vowel phones are created & tongue positions helps define overall sound which is why in trapezoid charts for specific languages or dialects the dots are all over the place, also I believe a distinction by tongue placement is phonemic in Igbo

  7. why does his face fit so well with the original drawing

  8. dude is collecting ethnicities from across asia like pokemon

  9. the trolley can probably be stopped by other means & if it goes down the top path it will kill less people before it is stopped

  10. Let them troll. It won't change anything. It only adds to the overall hatred towards ruzzia and putler. They are doing their absolute best to totally isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Even if this war ends, the sanctions should never be lifted. Ruzzia needs to be economically destroyed and isolated.

  11. Russia needs to be split & integrated into Europe, trying to take economic revenge on an empire is what led to the Nazis & Russia already has plenty of those

  12. if there is a room & in it there are three people, one from New England, one from Dixie, & one from Canada, there are three Americans in the room

  13. the two meanings of "sorry" has annoyed me for a while tbh

  14. I would accept Y/M/D, that system is fine. D/M/Y or Y/M/D is a logical procession of values, and YMD is, I believe, better for things like programming and file storage.

  15. New Yorker here. People say it both ways. If asked "what is today's date?" someone might reply "May 19th" or they might just say "the 19th". MM-DD-YYYY is not universal even in the USA

  16. "the 19th" is not the "the 19th of may", "the #" usually stands on its own like that (though not always)

  17. I don't think most of those religions believed in reincarnation

  18. when you roll your tongue like a fruit roll up before articulatating the fricative

  19. I always found it weird how the hulk is animal like/child like with a build that'd make a gorilla piss its pants while she-hulk is just kinda tall & a little buff & also perfectly lucid

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