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Kinzinger hits back at Boebert’s church and state remarks: ‘We must oppose the Christian Taliban’

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Listen, get educated, and get involved.

  1. Let's get this straight, you think human beings cans can be "owned" as "property"?

  2. You know damn well what I mean. Like you don't say "my son or my daughter"

  3. You Americans clearly do. Every time I try to say that hitting the is wrong, you would never hit someone else for discipline in your life. And they defend it


  5. I don’t know who you mean. But Republicans would elect Hitler if they were told they’d save $20 on their taxes. They are literally the kind of people who support fascism. They love weak leaders who talk tough.


  7. It's ok to an extent. Like having your kids get up, make the bed, brush their teeth, and go exercise would be a good habit to teach them to keep them healthy in long run. But not the yelling and hazing part

  8. Do they have robust social programs? Can one job support a family?

  9. Let's hope the GOP really did shoot themselves in the foot and this momentum lasts through November.

  10. They have trash candidates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, and what looks to be Missouri. Maybe 54 senators is possible

  11. This keeps coming up on the sub. Unfortunately, for Japanese theatrical releases to get international on DVD, you can count on it being at least 6 months wait

  12. We should lose trust in the Supreme Court. He is so backwards

  13. Do polls taken 4 months before an election make any sense. Think Hillary was up 20%. Maybe Georgians are to embarrassed to say that they vote for a brain injured lying jock.

  14. I want to say Him being Christian preacher would win him over some voters but like I can't believe Walker easily won the Republican nomination

  15. All this evidence and no indictments. Giuliani can lie about an assault and the guy is charged immediately

  16. The bar for treason or sedition is insanely high by comparison to assault. Especially when the court of public opinion could have an indictment causing a civil war.

  17. They don't even have to go for that. Manslaughter, from inciting that riot.

  18. I don't understand? If you're mocking me for some reason, it's lost on me

  19. Nightwish I would think, even though I think their albums were floor are pretty bad

  20. Allowed, but with some questions on the border.

  21. how would they get back? isn't the border between russia and ukraine closed?

  22. You get down votes on this sub when speaking the 100% truth.

  23. not even just that, I'm getting downvoted just because I asked "more of what"

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