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  1. I am building an izzet dice rolling deck. I am going to be the most hated person at the lgs... Coin flips and rolling dice. I love it. I forget I got a coin flip deck.

  2. If you build krarkashima, actually know how to play it. Those decks are highly discouraged for play at my LGS because nine times out of ten whoever is piloting it usually takes pretty long turns. One time an entire pod scooped and started their own three person game because everyone was so bored from the krarkashima player taking such long turns.

  3. Most women won't say this. This is an incel meme.

  4. Thanks for my birth control, have fun getting your stuff shoved in a toilet by your crotch goblins 👍

  5. What offended me the most were those fucking temple of epiphany in the Phoenix deck. 1 steam vents, 0 spirebluff canal, while the orzhov humans deck got 4 concealed courtyard... and they expect us to believe they don't take the secondary market into account when developing product and managing reprints. Also, with check lands, pathways, fast lands etc, I think it's past. time wizards stopped reprinting those goddamn temples.

  6. You want optimal mana base right out of the box? Get ready for precon prices to explode then. This is dumb.

  7. I feel terrible for wishing violence against a child but it would make my day if one of those grownups woulda lit his ass up

  8. Rarely do I ever say this but that little fucker needs an ass whooping to put the fear of God into him. That's a child that has never had consequences for anything.

  9. I would have been able to respond appropriately and hit a moving target after just getting shot -Reddit

  10. Dude he was firing rounds after he had zero chance of realistically hitting the guy. Bullets flying right around apartment buildings.

  11. Stupid fucking cop firing rounds right into an apartment building with zero chance of hitting the guy. Zero regard for anyone else, just wanted to try and be a badass even though he absolutely could have killed someone.

  12. You one of those drooling "cHiNa bAd" redditors that sees nothing wrong with mass surveillance and a police state here that goes after dissidents at home?

  13. I didn't remotely say that at all, but thanks for being another person that doesn't understand the vast difference between western credit scores and china's social credit.

  14. Bruh lmao no shit social credit is different from the American credit system. The American credit system is just as bullshit and arbitrary though, and was instated for the purpose of excluding minorities from any lending whatsoever.

  15. The dialogue was very awkward at times in the OT. I really hate how some people just can't take off those rose tinted glasses and think they're just incredible masterpieces of cinema.

  16. WLFGRL is my personal favorite. MG demo disk is pretty fun and eclectic, I really like Gemini, and u void synthesizer is what they are currently touring for.

  17. Well, yeah. They had a special rarity in Vintage Masters and everything.

  18. VMA was an online only reprint set. They were mythics, but VMA isn't a "real" set.

  19. How Dahmer’s crimes went undiscovered for so long is the real enigma here. The neighbor was begging the police to intercede. A child was found naked & drugged on his front doorstep. The foul smell was overwhelming the building. People’s lives could of been saved. These kids died horrific painful deaths.

  20. Because he was killing gay/queer POC kids. The absolute last kinds of people the police gave a fuck about. The show does a good job highlighting how little they actually cared.

  21. Pioneer? A year ago nobody played it and it was the red-headed stepchild of official formats that never got off the ground. Now it's one of the most supported formats for organized play.

  22. And it's quickly running into the same issues as modern. The popularity of pioneer has caused cards that were at this point a year ago at maybe 20 to 50 cents to absolutely explode in cost which by proxy makes commander a more expensive format. A ban could potentially cripple or really hurt a deck that someone spent $200+ making.

  23. Depends on the card nowadays. When I looked at prices for a bonecrusher giant the physical card was 50 cents and the MTGO card was 25 tix... This was probably 8 months ago now, but still.

  24. Bc standard/modern product is opened/busted very much for MTGO, hence why the AFR mankind's go for around 40 to 50 bucks each online.

  25. +3 gay culture for each gay great work, such as master tapes for each ru paul season

  26. Holy shit. I'm not even a parent and I'd freak out at someone for doing this. These kinds of parents end up having their kids drown in a pool unattended or something because they're stupid and/or don't pay attention.

  27. This is true in America but it also has to do with most of our food/drinks are poisoned with chemicals and pesticides that are outlawed for use in every other western nation.

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