1. Motherfucker pulled out the blundergat out of the box

  2. Whenever electricity is involved with gfuel its some kind of lemonade soo.....

  3. Oh dang should I have tried those. Still I am excited for these.

  4. Honey berry comes out tomorrow (the 24th) actually

  5. It's really good. Sadly it was US Exclusive

  6. I'm Canadian and I got it did you mean America only?

  7. I FORGOT TERRARIA 😭 What do you think the terraria flavor would be called if we got one?

  8. For me drum island, one of the only things holding it back from being considered great was Wapol being the worst villain

  9. 3.Crimson Tears, 2.Peach Rings and 1.MFAM Punch

  10. i live in quebec and it generally takes a week or two

  11. Yep i have been saying for years that gfuels version of pineapple is not good. I remember someone said battle juice reminded them of those candies that look like chalk sticks and ever since then its all started to make sense.

  12. the most sour flavor i tried was sour demonade but its discontinued

  13. for me i use willpower to stay awake in the morning and then after my lunch break i drink a Gfuel

  14. Ah the tekken movie, I'm making a comedic review on it I just need to finish it XD

  15. Thanks! Probably gonna post on the subreddit

  16. Picked up Sour apple for my Green Apple flavor addicted gf and Galaxy grape because i love grape flavors

  17. I'm french canadian so I'll probably get a shitty french canadian version of the movie

  18. I think you meant to say maple syrup and poutine eating guy

  19. Nah they'd fuck it up tbh just root beer is fine to me

  20. Tbh atleast pyro ads some comedy and makes the topic interesting I'm not defending sunnyv2 reactions from anyone but critikal is boring af

  21. Kazuya because I love fgc characters in smash and Kaz became my favorite!!

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