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  1. Stalking. its so good that the police shut it down before it becomes a trend :-p

  2. My guess would be around 140ish but you could probably put it up for more because some people think its worth more than it actally is

  3. How do the hoodies and tshirts fit? Do they fit the same as the real Revenge pieces? And do they use different blanks?

  4. No u cant. If you have balance on steam you could buy skins on the steam market and then sell them on skinport to get balance on the website.

  5. two, and I don't know how much you know about SA cs, but it is really difficult to reach these ranks because the mm here is only played to troll

  6. Oh my bad, forgot about dmg. Im a EU player but ive heard that the other servers are kinda wack

  7. godfrey is the easiest boss tho imo

  8. yea same, glad its not just me

  9. I went down a size and got a wrap liner, got rid of my shin bang

  10. whats teh ball soccer game called?

  11. She probably liked another dudes ig pic or sum idk

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