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Tony Sirico Dead: 'The Sopranos' Actor Was 79

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she calmed down for a bit, but has now started talking to her mirror reflection about Snowhite (i think?!) I guess sitting alone in a box with jut a phone is messing her up mentally- who would have thought

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Dude rips her suicide video….

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  1. Yeah….I’m sure all the other women who ask faked being Spanish and other cultures came running to Hilaria to ask what to do…with a long list of online receipts that are now biting them in the ass!! What do we do hilaria?? Double down and never, ever, ever admit you are wrong! You are a victim!

  2. And that is a big pool! It would take awhile to realize somebody is missing and where’s they are in the pool.

  3. Alec using dead actors to draw attention to himself and his social media while looking like he got hit in the face with a frying pan and went on a drinking binge is extremely uncomfortable and cringe. 😬

  4. You may be right, of course. I've often thought that too. Just something seems off, this time.

  5. They’ve both gotten more crazy and very desperate to not be canceled anymore! So who knows!!

  6. This is what I don't get. She could easily cease the bullying by hitting private on instagram. Infamy comes with haters. The world is full of nuts. I have no online bullies? I personally know everyone on my Instagram.

  7. She’s out of touch with reality….most of us have Instagram and Facebook for our REAL friends and family!

  8. She’s one of those people that preaches it but nobody…NOBODY believes she lives that way.

  9. Your kidding right? They have pet dogs they ship off to the Hampton’s to get rid of them. Adopted one puppy during covid that never even went to NYC with them. They pay a lot of money for cats (which you could easily rescue!) and then one disappears and never seen again. 🤔

  10. Also her tell when she is talking BS and lies is when her eyes start darting everywhere….. you’ll see it in her “I’m a white girl from Boston” video

  11. “farting everywhere” which I’m sure is a typo, almost made me choke from laughter. 😂😂

  12. The amount of time she does searching and searching for random posts and saying that fit her own agenda is insane! She’s mentally ill and everybody knows it but her. Taking a Spanish accent and identity is not normal.

  13. That still is one of the best that they did a post for it. Stating they normally don't address rumors, but felt the need to say no one in the family was raided!

  14. It’s funny but also creepy how much they wants to keep Josh’s pedophilia hidden!!!!

  15. See my old husband is still in shape and athletic! More than able to run around with his 6-7 kids!!

  16. There is literally NO reason right now for the paps to be taking pics of Hillary and Alec. He doesn’t have movies coming out, the rust shooting has settled down a bit. Yeah, they have been canceled but even that’s talked out by now! So the fact that she still tries to sell us (the public) that the paps are chasing her and stalking her just think to yourself….they are? And why? Hmmmm….doesn’t add up! They are boring and have nothing going for them so why would the paps care?

  17. Lolololol. They are also appear to be so bored with creating content -- she literally danced in front of her elderly husband hunched over the sink washing dishes. Riveting! I must know you!

  18. I know it’s hard for her to believe but some gold digging wives aren’t on social media.

  19. I feel like she had to know! I remember in one of the earlier seasons (but post marriage, obvs) she mentioned how she pays all the bills and keeps track of the accounts (it was either that Josh didn't know how to or that he was bad with money... both make sense to me)

  20. I feel like she definitely knew! And she had a lot to loose so she kept her mouth shut and let him do his thing. I think jb knew too.

  21. If she’s actually pregnant she is on a very strict strict diet and has disordered eating. Seeing her first pregnant and then after her news to appear slim and no fat what so ever. She wants to be pregnant but look very slim, slim jaw line, no extra fluid or puffiness.

  22. Hillary Lynn. The most basic white Caucasian name one could have🤣🤣🤣🤡

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