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  1. happens all the time in team sports. As long as theres no bad blood its all good

  2. anyone have an msg stream link or at least the main stream website? Whoever these commentators i’m watching aint it

  3. threw me off a bit when i saw the mnk legends lol but I’m sure we all have those days when we move like this 🤷‍♂️

  4. people dont understand that the other party has to accept it to make a trade lol

  5. ehh we lost to the hornets and the magic so anything can happen to this team lol

  6. hes a great center and great for the knicks/thibs defense. his rebounding in traffic stats are absolutely insane. he complains from time to time about not having more of a role in the offense, but its not clear whether thats a coaching or skill issue

  7. its clearly a skill issue. These players try new things in practice and coaches decide if it’s usable or not in-game. The guy had 3 coaches already yeah one of them is fizdale its not all on Thibs

  8. i hate these fucking stats man. 121 wins for the 6th just shows how shitty our teams were for the most of the century. Hopefully we go up from here.

  9. If I was beal I’d continue it until it aint worth it no more. Fans money will run out before his

  10. picks 12-16 is the sweet spot imo thats why many solid to good players are found there because you can take risks drafting an “incomplete” player

  11. Last yr IQ shot 38% from the field. This year, for the first 2 months, IQ shot 38% from the field. Who needs historical data. Improvement just happened in front of your face.

  12. the league cracking down on the foul baiting(well it only lasted half a season lol) really helped IQ develop his game. He had to. settle for floaters/foul baiting to get points when his shot is not falling.

  13. Apart from that single tournament they suck most of the time or get a really bad group. Idk why people are surprised lol. I actually want Japan to win some games since Japanese fans deserve a better home team

  14. Mavs want this pick to convey if the pick goes 9-10 they’re kinda fucked since that pick mostly results in role players and we get to keep the pick next year stopping them from making future trades.

  15. It would really mess up the mavs trade package if this pick doesn’t convey this year. But maybe if the worst thing happens and it jumps to top 4 that will be more valuable. Just really dreading the pick finishing within 10

  16. yeah if the pick goes 9-10 they’re kinda fucked since that pick mostly results in role players and we get to keep the pick next year stopping them from making future trades.

  17. What kind of crime would Wemby need to be under investigation for to slip to 11

  18. Wemby bout to comeout as a neo nazi a day before the draft day to tank his stock

  19. Of course all this bs is happening right before the playoffs. Fuck man

  20. I think they weren't tracked up until a certain point

  21. they started tracking blocks in the mid 70s it just means we have drafted terrible bigs ever since (except Ewing)

  22. I think magiging depende yan kung ano ang magiging offensive impact niya. Wala nang kwenta ang defense sa NBA.

  23. walang kwenta ang defense pag superstar ka pero pag role player ka or ultra bench player kailangan mo dumepensa lol

  24. I love Melo but he won ONE series vs an aging Celtics big 3. The bar is not that high lol. An ECF appearance and a few more all stars appearances as a Knick Randle leaves Melo(as a Knick not All Time) in the dust.

  25. Prime Houston Harden won me a championship with a team full of waiver wire scrubs and himself. So imma go with him for recent cheat codes

  26. man even in fantasy Harden plays with scrubs just like half his time in Houston lol

  27. Makikisakay lang sa thread OP: Ano po ung weight ng Mosso bikes nyo all in all? 105/tiagra Groupset

  28. I’m one of the biggest RJ fans here. Dude needs to do this for at least 10 more games before he gets any apologies lol.

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