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Service dog vs "Emotional support dog" at Walmart

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Move on and heal. Your brain is telling you that she’s the only one but it’s an illusion. Find someone else brother👌

  2. Closure can help no doubt. What she did was awful and I think she is trying to rationalize her behavior by trying to say that you are a horrible guy etc. when in reality she is the bad person in this situation. However, I worry that you still have feelings for her and are blinding yourself from her true nature. You did absolutely nothing wrong. You are the victim in this situation, not her. Maybe get some closure. That could help. But don’t entertain any continuation of a relationship. Just move on and heal.

  3. I understand that it was your her choice but at the same time it’s a bit shallow to separate over something like this. Maybe there are some more details you have left out but you just divorced your husband of 5 years (probably dated many years before that as well) over his sister. It isn’t really your business anyway as your not blood related but I do think you did the right thing in supporting her. But to kick him out over differences in opinion? I don’t get it. And I understand why someone would staunchly defend her or oppose her because this is a touchy subject that can get emotional and it looks like you let all that emotion get to your head. But again I wasn’t there and I’m sure there are more relevant details missing from your post.

  4. Yes I admit he acted wrongly. There’s no doubt about that. But I won’t crucify him automatically as a result. Punish him but don’t ruin his life over it. The social media response was after she kicked him out, so that does not surprise me at all. Men act like that all the time after breakups, let alone divorces. If there were a lot of other issues before this I would say divorce him but she even said herself there were no prior issues. If I were her I would see a marriage counselor with him to breakdown why his response was so uncharacteristic of his previous behavior. And then it’s like well what if they had kids? Would you really divorce or would you try to work things out? But yes I agree with everything you said just not the verdict. He did something abominable for sure

  5. I think this is a valid reason to leave on her part. If your spouse treats their sibling (especially one that went through that kind of trauma) that poorly, they turned into someone you don't recognize and didn't agree to marry. It's like when someone finds out their spouse was cheating out of nowhere, sure it might be uncharacteristic but it's still a huge fault to get over. You keep defending the husband with the excuse that men sometimes react that way after a breakup but he slandered both his wife and his sister which isn't excusable even by "men might overreact" standards. He can react that way if he wants to but he has to face consequences like everyone else.

  6. I understand where you are coming from, I just think that in most cases people try to fight for the relationship. But I don’t fault her for her choice as I also sympathize with her situation

  7. I’m against it but it’s actually quite common. People in the comments trying to call you a pervert are misguided. When you are 16 it’s hard to understand the importance of age differences. The average age difference for marriage is about 3 years with men being older. But these pairings are usually people who are in there late 20s to early 30s. So avoid this as it’s for the best. There is a large gap in maturity when you compare a 16 year old and a 13 year old.

  8. I don’t really see the issue here. I think it was a severe overreaction by the lady who called the manager. Who cares. It’s not that big of a deal. How is it considered a public freak out by the girl with the emotional support dog? I don’t get it. Such a Karen thing to say “ummm you can’t have an emotional support dog in here I’m calling the manager” lol

  9. Reporting him to the cops will do nothing, it’s almost impossible to prove these things even with text. Also you did physically assault him which is illegal. I understand why you did it but I do not condone it. Just move on from him and this whole situation. Try to process things and move forward with your life. Avoid men who take psychedelics and other drugs on a frequent basis.

  10. Let me offer you an alternative opinion. In psychology there is something called false attribution error. At the moment you could be incorrectly attributing his behavior to you cooking steak the wrong way when in reality he may have just had a bad day or have been experiencing a lot of stressors. I don’t buy the comments that say oh hey he’s just a douchebag break up with him. How can a random stranger know his character from a singular event? No in reality he might in fact be a good person. You should just speak to him and get a better understanding of what made him react that way. Start by asking if he’s been feeling a lot of stress lately.

  11. To attack others, the blood type must be compatible with the potential victim

  12. That seems bizarre to me. Also it is strange for a girl to have so many male friends when she is in a committed relationship, especially since it seems as though you have no knowledge concerning the dynamic of their friendship

  13. What is this dumb trend about? And why is it so prevalent? Are these a minority or is this the norm now? So many questions!!

  14. It is still the minority. The data suggests that women have preferences but they don’t usually act on them. For a man it’s like yeah of course I’d prefer to date a hot ass girl but acting on it is a whole different thing.

  15. No addiction isn’t using it a few times a week. But also the relevance depends on the drugs he’s using. Weed isn’t that bad. Is he using any other drugs?

  16. cocaine, acid and mdma. but he uses weed every week, and uses others maybe 2-3 times a month. but some months more some months less

  17. Ok well that is definitely a problem in my eyes. When someone is using 3+ drugs it’s not normal. But I guess the main issue I’m curious about is what initially caused him to start using all these drugs. Does he have any personal or historical issues beyond drugs?

  18. It’s best to move on in this situation. She’s clearly not interested. And it was wrong of her to lead you on like that. I understand the pain that you feel though and heartbreak takes time to heal. Everyone wants that miracle comeback romance story but it’s not realistic. So for now just move on and talk to other girls that interest you. Good luck

  19. These kind of feelings are strange. Why do you dislike Latino culture so much. It almost sounds like you have a disdain for your own race

  20. Maybe he’s calculating the % of variation explained. Like a 0.5 correlation would explain 25% of the variation

  21. I would say that's unlikely since there are minuses in some

  22. Dude your not being very helpful. What’s the point of criticizing his grammar on a Reddit post? It’s not like it’s an academic paper

  23. Well there are many ways to define a species. A common way is whether or not two people can reproduce. A lot of birds look similar but they can’t procreate together whereas humans from all sorts of different backgrounds and ethnicities can.

  24. I don’t really see the point of not disclosing that. It’s your parents after all. You should be able to trust them with that information

  25. Well it seems like this person is kind of putting you down in unnecessary ways. I’d break up if I were you. How sure are you that you are trans? Have you had this feeling for awhile.

  26. I’ve always been attracted to feminine things but over the last 2 years I’ve felt trans. I don’t know if this is just finding myself thoogg

  27. It could be. Who knows. You should hire a therapist who specializes in gender dysphoria

  28. Actually evidence suggests that women care far more about status and income than looks, especially for long term relationships. Think about ways that you can increase your perceived status. Things such as confidence, ambition, educational attainment and other traits are vital. Looks matter but not nearly as much as you think. Oh and also the results of your “experiment” are not surprising. Women tend to prefer good genes suggested via symmetry (attractive people) for short-term relationships (hookups) but not much for long-term (marriage and kids). So sure they might want the “bad boy” for a hookup but it’s too risky to pair up with them for marriage. Also women have an evolutionary prerogative to be the choosier sex. They can’t just pick any random dude off the street. They have a lot more to lose through getting pregnant etc. and need to avoid absent fathers. Women like taller partners but they don’t actually act on those preferences. They will usually date or marry men who are 3 or 4 inches taller than them. Super short girls almost never date guys who are 6 feet tall. It’s basically assortive mating, we like people who look and act like us. The “white” thing isn’t very true. People prefer to date people from their own race. So an Asian person is likely to marry an Asian and a black person is likely to marry a black person. Also men are 10x more shallow. They only care about looks and this applies to both long and short term relationships. A rich and ugly women isn’t desirable but an ugly rich man is. A poor and attractive girl is desirable but an attractive and poor guy isn’t. If you are a guy there are actually quite a few things you can do to improve your odds to get the girl you want but if you are a girl all you really have is cosmetics lol

  29. Are you going to keep the child? Either way I think you should break up with him

  30. Hard to say. He could have just been joking. I don’t know his humor though. Still a bit weird but I don’t think it’s horrible

  31. Why should I apologise? I did nothing wrong here I was left in the dark. If you are going to say he hid because he knows how I react and why did he open up now? As in what difference does it make?

  32. You did nothing wrong. This guy is an idiot. Any rational person would see that he is the problem not you.

  33. That’s not controlling at all. If she was flirting with guys while drunk you have every right to be concerned. And the fact that she told you months after it occurred is not a good sign. What specifically did she say to you?

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