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  1. Haven’t listened to any leaks, just wait for official shit to drop it ain’t that hard

  2. If Cudi has been your #1 for so damn long, in my case half my existence, it's quite hard. Lol

  3. You have to be in a dark place to understand SB2H. To someone who doesn't have problems like that you listen and you think "what the fuck?" But I've been there and I'm not gonna say that SB2H made any of my problems less dark but it definitely made me realized that there's people out there who relate to those kinds of problems. People have had it worse than cudi for sure, but he's definitely gone thru more than I have. That doesn't mean that I wasn't in a really dark headspace tho, I Def relate to his SB2H tho it's one of my favorite albums. Fade 2 red can sound a lil crazy from somebody who doesn't experience suicidal rage I get it

  4. No idea what you're referring to as I said I've been listening to SB2H for 8 years now?

  5. Oh shit 30mil sub closing indefinitely thats pretty big.

  6. Can someone explain to me (an idiot) what these 3rd party apps even are or mean?

  7. Basically third party apps are like shells for Reddit. Each app can create its own functions and features and they “ask” Reddit for the data to put in their 3rd party app. That asking is done through the API, which will now cost slot of money for 3rd party app. Apollo is one of those apps. A small example might be that with the Apollo app you can setup which subreddit it will show when you launch the app. From what I know the default Reddit can’t.

  8. THANK YOU! 🙏 Especially for wording all that in very simple terms for me to get it.

  9. I think he's talking literally about the music industry, fandom, and accolades.

  10. If a picture of Adam Sandler in a football uniform isn't the album cover I'm protesting in the streets.

  11. I never thought I'd say this, but I think Cudi has officially been smoking "too much" weed.

  12. It would make a lot of sense since he is an Adam Sandler fan. He sampled his Billy Madison movie on Immortal

  13. Yeah, I guarantee he samples this scene from the movie and Adam saying that in the intro right before a song hits or in the bridge of a song right before a drop. Guarantee.

  14. you joke but at 55 i wouldn’t hate it lol he’d be great on the Mad Ants and on the practice squad

  15. I just got burnt out on these insanely redundant polls and liked the dudes name. Lol

  16. Bro said Cudi's, well-known sound, of heavily used spacey, trippy, anthemic "synths" was too broad... meanwhile, for SB2H he just writes the word "Rock"... an entire genre. 🤣

  17. lol you were crying 16 days ago on this sub about not feeling his new stuff. foh.

  18. Pull the positive outta it. But I feel you entirely it’s like the anti version of love.

  19. See that piece of paper right there? Write your name down for me.

  20. That’s wild!! I remember seeing him for the first time as a 12 year old in 2009… he opened for Asher Roth and B.O.B. Opened for Cudi. Man this was at the Marquee in Tempe, AZ. Just saw him for a 5th time last October. I’ll forever be a fan of this man regardless of what he puts out now.

  21. Yeah man, flashback central! That tour really was really to promote his album release and Roth and B.O.B. had a massive fanbase at the time, I think him choosing that tour to open for was brilliant as those artist were heavily marketed towards college kids (and college kids go through shit, so Cudi swooped and gained a massive amount of those other 2's fanbase).

  22. Usually I don’t even read stuff over a single paragraph on Reddit but this was captivating man. Beautiful story you should really write a short book or something of your experiences bc that was actually really entertaining

  23. Some cool folks in here on the Cudi discord talked me into releasing some of my old music so I've uploaded some songs and photos (opening for Cudi) etc.

  24. One big question I had was like where did they walk off to? Drake has studios in small villages in west Africa?

  25. Yeah I didn't find it really funny at all and was trying too hard "not to make sense" for comedic purposes.

  26. Bro I'd punch my grandma in the foot for "Killswitch" to be released.

  27. weird ass event lol, but glad to know it's coming in September

  28. Cole and cudi were in the studio together back during the indicud era if my memory serves me right. Nothing ever came out from it tho obvi, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have something in the vault.

  29. Gotcha on the Wiz song, could go either way. Super surprised they haven’t ever collabed yet haha. Wonder if he’s only playing half because he’s making changes to the others? Not too familiar with how these listening parties go. But yeah, keep me updated, looked fun and super interested to see what direction he takes this album in, hoping he makes some needed changes but either way I’ll continue to support.

  30. Why in the literal hell is there a limit to pins to begin with?!

  31. I tried this but the song made me want to crash my car to put it out of its misery

  32. I'm not a Yachty fan either, but I dug some of "Let's Start Here". Totally agree that it was Cudi influenced. Yachty might be sounding more like Cudi than Cudi,

  33. This is disrespectful... they should be spicy chicken nuggets.

  34. Well she didn’t care, as shown by her hands being thrown up in the air

  35. This is not a knock by any means. Genuinely curious. Why did he need a prompter?

  36. Who knows, his set lists are always different between festivals so probably to remember his lyrics just in case he forgets. His prompter wasn’t working during Rolling Loud in 2021 and he didn’t seem to need it

  37. I just genuinely didn't even realize rappers were using prompters these days.

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