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  1. Just curious, does it hurt for their antlers to break? Is it like breaking a bone or clipping a nail?

  2. I saw that on Nat Geo it's closer to a nail than a bone but not completely painless. Still bleeds.

  3. Blood does not imply pain, if there are no nerves there is no pain. Do antlers have nerves?

  4. When the lease is over your landlord can terminate for any reason (except discrimination).

  5. I was right there with you about tofu until I finally cracked the code: extra or super firm - dried not pressed - then fried in oil in a hot skillet or wok. Crispy outside - meaty texture inside.

  6. Anyone else thought he was swimming in ramen noodles? Just me? I'll go now.... 😅

  7. Can I introduce you to tortellini soup, or maybe Mississippi pot roast?

  8. Now I've heard of Mississippi pot roast but I've yet to attempt it,I'm just burned out on pot roast. What makes it different?

  9. Sloppy Tso - slow cooked chicken with peppers onions and general tso sauce

  10. Anyone here play Stardew Valley? This is what I hope a prismatic shard looks like. ✨

  11. Don't become a nurse for only the money, you'll burn out and quit. There has to be some level of passion and love for the field if you want to work long enough to pay off the loans, see a return on your investment and work long enough to see a decent retirement come from it.

  12. A big part of writing, is selling. How are you marketing and advertising your book? Just wishing people will find it isn't good enough. They're called best selling authors, not best writing authors.

  13. If you can do your favorite exercise comfortably at home then I stay at home. As a woman, I hate the gym. Its expensive, too many obnoxious rules, too many dudes taking pics of you without your permission. It's a hard pass for me.

  14. Why not do a side hustle related to real estate? Transaction coordinator, credit repair, listing coordinator, showing agent, real estate photography, drone photography, wholesale property, home staging etc?

  15. How did you get permission to open that mine? Did you get a permit or just take it upon yourself to walk your dog in an abandoned (and likely haunted) mine shaft?

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