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  1. First half: bennett+xiangling are very good, you can try them with xiao+sucrose, raiden+xingqiu, or ayato/childe+sucrose/kazuha.

  2. Naruto fans will literally do everything for extra content but won't watch boruto lol

  3. I think if they try to put Orochimaru behind bars, he will start wrecking havoc again. Giving him freedom outside the village with guards watching him is a good decision. Also gotta give him credit for helping in the war.

  4. I actually can't believe I'm gonna say it: it's Sasuke.

  5. Lmao me too. His big round eyes and frowned expression looks so cute in this.

  6. The way to protect the female lead's older brother. Absolutely love how

  7. Omg I read this and I can't stop simping over all the red flags. Sad that this story is discontinued.

  8. Not discontinued but on an indefinite hiatus until the artist gets their much needed recovery. Dunno if you've heard but she's been through ALOT since she started working on this story.

  9. Oh no I didn't hear about that. I hope she gets well soon. Thank you for informing about this!

  10. I mean, it's not that they're identical clones but they do have similarities in colors. Anyways do not take the whole thing to serious xD

  11. I think you will be more lucky with the manhwa for this suggestion. Out of all gay anime I saw, Sasaki no miyano, yuri on ice, given and umibe no etranger have what you want to see.

  12. StreamSB is equally good and maybe faster, so use that if vidstreaming is down

  13. I use vidstreaming to download and StreamSB doesn't offer the good download links for that sadly

  14. it's his signature dish version of almond tofu, the garnishes are popping boba

  15. Xiao really getting all the love he deserves. Is that orbeez on tofu? What is that btw?

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