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  1. Weiman glass cook top. My parents gifted me a bottle when I bought my house. They’ve sworn by it forever and now I do too. Squeeze a bit on, let it dry, scrub it off. Repeat as necessary.

  2. I've been drinking a ton of coconut water bc I'm breastfeeding and it helps increase milk supply. My husband finally tried one and said "you know the bowl of water at ice cream shops that they put the dirty ice cream scoop in? That's what I think this tastes and looks like". And tbh I can't disagree with that

  3. He’s definitely not wrong. I don’t know if it’s an acquired taste or something, but I find it absolutely foul.

  4. Bob needs to charge $2-3 more than his posted prices for the food, and add a veggie burger option and a chicken tenders option to the menu. He uses high quality ingredients but charges low quality fast food prices so he practically loses money on every order, and a little more dietary variation would help in being tourist and kids friendly.

  5. All of this, and free WiFi when they get their router back from Sargent Boscoe.

  6. Bbq sauce also tastes awesome to dip chips. My personal favorite is store brand pringles, sour cream and onion dipped in slightly heated honey garlic sauce.

  7. Hugo is in love with Ron, but Ron is in love with Bob. Another love stolen from Hugo.

  8. My pleasure! I use the same technique on my daughter’s hair. Hers is so curly and fine it gets matted after one sleep. Patience, conditioner, keep it wet and breathing through the frustration/upset are absolutely key.

  9. What products do you use on your daughter hair? I have straight hair and my daughter has curly hair and she can’t even go for a car ride without mats.

  10. I like the Dippity Doo Girls with Curls stuff. I water down the shampoo a bit, because I find it REALLY thick. The smells are nice. The most important part is really getting the tangles out when it’s still wet with the conditioner in. I usually put her hair in a bun after we get the tangles out to let it soak in a bit.

  11. It has the same sort of wholesome, kinda weird, family vibe. Looking forward to more episodes.

  12. I could have sworn at one point they say it wasn't supposed to be a bedroom. Can't remember which episode.

  13. I prefer my 5mm for blankets, but lately I’ve been favouring my 4mm. Latest works are two stuffies for my preschooler and wearables.

  14. This is a thing of beauty and some serious inspo for my super sunny powder room

  15. You’re very welcome. My parents had some made for me one Christmas. I treasure them.

  16. You're absolutely right -- a bralette is a total non-starter for this type of class. Yikes!

  17. I figured it would, I literally spent £20 on a bunch of different wool the other day lol I'll stick with metal for now but if I come across issues I'll probably look for others like plastic or rubber handles.

  18. I wrapped the handles of my skinny ones (same/similar set) in athletic tape to make the grip more comfortable.

  19. My baby was 11lbs 11oz. The whole L&D was buzzing. Asked multiple times if I was diabetic or had gestational diabetes. Nope. Just one huge baby.

  20. I have a backpack with basic tools (screwdriver etc), jumper cables, electrical tape, duct tape, water bottles and a fleece blanket. Are there any other essentials I should have in case of a breakdown to add to my bag?

  21. Something reflective, a candle and some matches and a change of clothes if you can

  22. Thank you so much. Will absolutely hunt down one of those sheets EMTs use. Dual purpose of retaining heat, and a toss some matches and candles into a ziploc.

  23. Mackenzie. Absolutely useless. I’d have to slice her Achilles tendons and leave her as an obstacle/screaming bait to make my escape.

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