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  1. Classroom of the elite, (pretty slow but awesome , i recommend watching at 1.5x speed

  2. Season 2 ka first test 1.5x mei dekhna. Kya ho rha hai, samaj aajaye to well and good.

  3. Though anyone should feel free to skip parts of Dressrosa, that one killed the anime for me. Once I got through it, much better.

  4. Agreed there, i would even skip a lot in each ark's final boss fight starts. They keep going back n forth for so fking long. I just skip and get to the actual point and check if I missed something good in the way. Even right now as he was gonna kick kaido, they go to flashback with shanks daughter.

  5. These PPL mostly covered everything so I just suggest "Call of the night- op and ED

  6. DEFINITELY WATCH MUSHOKU TENSAI (Prolly has 2 seasons. It was damn good for isekai genre)

  7. Definitely not. Takes way too long to get going and any mystery is basically non-existent. Not to mention the other issues...

  8. Isekai genre is supposed to have a slow start Else it gets too shitty convenient at everything.

  9. You could watch (these are all pretty top rated ones and the ones Ive really loved)

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