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  1. Try changing channel width and channel numbers in the modem. Be sure to make note of any settings before you change them in case you must change them back. I also kind of doubt it's a DNS issue but might be that too, just based off this post:

  2. Sounds like you'll probably need to contact you ISP. Your friend might need to contact theirs as well. If your router allows you to capture packets there's a small chance it could point out an issue though.

  3. Probably the family controller based on what you described. You could open Task Manager and see if something is taking up resources other than the game. Also installing a packet capture tool will show you the traffic you PC is actually sending/receiving. Netmon is a Windows packet capture tool that will also show you the programs associated with the packets. Wireshark is another packet capture option.

  4. Wireguard for performance and OpenVPN tcp for basic stunnel obfuscation.

  5. It will encrypt all traffic on public WiFi and is one of the primary uses of a VPN. You will be vulnerable to any local network threats though.

  6. Well not any. But most yes. That's actually one of the main things vpn helps prevent is someone on the local network posing as a service on the internet. Rather than having to trust the local wifi for things like dns servers and whatnot the trust goes to the vpn provider. Even if someone poses as the router for the local network, any traffic going to and from the internet still remains encrypted in the tunnel. If some poses as (google) on the local network and tries to send a dns packet to port 53, the vpn's virtual interface won't accept it as it's not going through the encrypted tunnel under the vpn's protocol and trusted encryption session (assuming the vpn handles dns, few don't but most will).

  7. The carrier will always know how much data is being used over the cell connection no matter that you do. So unless you have an "unlimited" data plan or understand your data limits if you don't then you probably won't want to use a hotspot. And even with "unlimited" data some carrier will throttle after so much data is used.

  8. The most likely way the app is doing this is by MAC address. If you change the MAC address a different device will likely show up in the app. Or if there's a printer connected to the network it will have a mac address too, might not be restricted, and that might work without a new device showing up. She may still see the "printer" go off the network and back again though.

  9. I'd ask Zoom. Do a geolocation ip lookup of the zoom server ip, it's like all the way on the left side of Canada. Meanwhile Zoom says they have servers in Toronto, closer to the first ip shown in your image.

  10. "Could" these things happen? Yes. Especially any internet traffic while the vpn is active. You could set up the laptop to dual boot so that it could load an OS that doesn't have the software they loaded installed. Or an OS from an external drive. Either of those options would allow you to use the same laptop privately from them more than likely without having to remove their software. Of course anything already on there could've been accessed. And you'd need to make sure the other OS encrypts its data at shutdown (or before rebooting into the OS with their software during work) to keep that private.

  11. "I also wanted to know if a vpn will stop things that I google from popping up as ads."

  12. I’m just saying because it’s like everything I look up shows up on my ig Pinterest and almost every account as an ad. face palm

  13. Yes that's another big one. Ads can carry over to any device if you are using the same accounts on the devices. A google account will carry over virtually all the ad data it has on you to any device for example.

  14. Yeah if those are your actual keys you need to change them asap now that you've posted them publicly.

  15. Like a lot of sysadmins, I carry an employer-provided phone in case of emergency. If a team member emails, it might be an emergency.

  16. Couldn't you filter for email subjects though? Like if you're out for a day off and it's actually an emergency, someone actually puts Emergency in the subject and you have a filter to only show those? Is that a thing?

  17. As already mentioned try obfuscation if the vpn has that option. If that doesn't work try something like Outline VPN. Try obfuscation first tho if you can.

  18. Ssakaa's response is already pretty much perfect. I'm just going to add a little to it regarding full email inboxes:

  19. It seems odd that net admins for a home network would block vpns, especially since people will use vpns for work at home anyways. You could totally tell them it's for work. Kinda why I think it could possibly be an attack on the local network, if it's not just the vpn software crapping out.

  20. "Edit: Thanks to you guys for your comments we have now found the problem! There was a forward set up on the account. This has now been deleted and the email address has been noted. Thanks again for your help!!"

  21. Infinitely better than Josstice League.

  22. "Now I would like to know why these rules worked in allowing clients to connect to each other..."

  23. As of others have said, this is only going to happen perhaps with public charging stations and even then it is still VERY unlikely. Any standard charger that plugs into an outlet simply won't transfer any data, and would require physically modifying the device with hardware that can. And should that modification happen to a standard manufacture's charger you would likely be able to spot that it's been tampered with anyways, such as being able to open it up with your bare hands since the plastic would normally be sealed shut. Even if someone managed to re-heat seal the plastic, it won't be as smooth as when it comes out of the factory.

  24. Like everyone else said, there’s no data wire in the charger cord. However, I have a power brick with a camera inside. It does have storage capacity of 8 Gb by removable micro SD card.

  25. Uh my usb cable is used for tethering it can certainly transfer data. Which is nice since "unlimited" data apparently only applies to the phone. Not all usb cables do this, even some marked for data transfer won't (the usb data cable market is questionable at best).

  26. Haven't had much experience with the QR login approach so I can't say that's not the issue.

  27. Yep, he threatened lawyers. Even if you wanted to help you can't now without risk of legal trouble. What a dick.

  28. A vpn would also be really useful if you're using something like a public wifi network to access the internet. As the vpn server would determine what ip something like reddit or google's websites are using rather than anyone connected to the local network possibly doing a man in the middle attack.

  29. So first the WAN port machine only has one interface, eth0. This means for iptables to do forwarding and filtering you'll need to use the local ipv4 addresses/subnets of the Office, Server NET, and Guest Networks. This way you can have FORWARD rules that say, DROP any packets from the guest ip network that are using port 53 (DNS) to any of the other local ip networks. You can even create custom chains in FORWARD to further scrutinize packets.

  30. No way to be certain off the details so far. But my first guess would be that maybe windows is stuck trying to update for some reason. You could try disabling windows update temporarily to see if the dns service stops using so much resources.

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