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  1. You can see all these creations and more on my insta @ai_midjourney_art

  2. Amazing photo! By remaster do you mean yo try to render without --test --creative first, then when you find a composition to your liking you then remaster it? Thank you!

  3. You create nothing but incidental input. A computer program samples images and creates the picture.

  4. Well I mean I did put at least over two paragraphs of detailed prompt work into each picture, but that’s all incidental right?

  5. Because if you saw these photos in art gallery you’d think they were real, but these places don’t exist.

  6. Midjourney, they have a new test version that I used to create these

  7. Prompt: Portrait of Beautiful olive-skinned woman with hair made of (whichever color) smoke, realistic, studio lighting, —ar 2:3 —testp

  8. Wowwwwww! would you mind sharing the prompt for the second one?

  9. I forget but it was something like: “giant tentecaled octopus wrapped around sunken pirate, underwater, mysterious, aquatic, fish”

  10. epic! this is some next level Ai. mind blown. how long is the process for an image like this ?

  11. Well for me(a perfectionist) it takes about 30-60 minutes for a good one, I have to redo the same prompt until I find one I like

  12. Can you provide an example of a prompt? I’m curious how detailed your prompt has to be to get this level of detail.

  13. Heres an example: “portrait of a beautifal mexican woman, light skinned, long black flowing hair, wearing tribal headdress, campfire, realistic, fierce queen, wearing red green dress, sharp focus, intricate gold necklace, intricate details, realistic, cinematic lighting, —ar 2:3”

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