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  1. Moza suggests only to speed up by 3 times, to avoid distortions

  2. Oh! U gotta change the pitch of each layers. So that they don’t crash and ur subconscious mind could grasp everything. By the way, can you please tell me the bundle maker that you requested? Tysm

  3. How do you change the pitch? This was my first time ever making a bundle and I only layered and added in the subliminals. I requested Moza Morph to make the bundle by the way.

  4. I did - I even moved to a different country to attend a community college. Loved it - two great years that I often think back of with joy

  5. You mean living in one state but taking classes in a CC of another?

  6. No, I meant going to college out of state but instead of it being a university, it’s a community college

  7. THIS. THIS is also one of the reasons I’m childfree as well. I’m (18f) also black and seeing many black people become baby daddy’s or baby mama’s (sometimes for the “fun” of it) is upsetting. I just wish some black people would stop glamorizing it as much as they do now.

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