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  1. The minimap is the thing in the upper right corner.

  2. It will always be the same for all updates. New content will only generate in unexplored areas.

  3. Ashlands will be easier to work around as it only generates near the south of the world so it is easier to avoid.

  4. You can play with somebody else who owns the dlc if you don't.

  5. Only time the ground shaking can happen is after the black forest has beaten on that world already.

  6. You will need 2 additional bases on later biomes as plains and mistlands has crops only growable in their biome.

  7. You need to beat that lab before you gain access to the director schmector lab. You need to bring something you find in the undershed to the director.

  8. Hera started with Huns so it probably isn't that big of an issue.

  9. I see starting with the huns as a good way to simplify while you learn to juggle everything else.

  10. There was a tweak to the height map for xbox worlds in the patch today.

  11. I sided with survivors in old Villador. The PK were a bad combo of Rais and the GRE from the first game. They try to make you a spy like the GRE did and are attacking the citizens like Rais's goons.

  12. Wearing the weight belt and having some time left on corpse run.

  13. My main wishlist is them to fill in the missing parts of the weapon tech trees.

  14. U forgot the battleaxe…. PLEASE IRONGATE I NEEEEEED IT MISTLANDS BATTLEAXE PLEEEEEASE (or Atleast ashlands since that’s prob not happening)

  15. I forgot about the battle axes to be honest, that is another example

  16. Needle is objectively stronger but wood is so stupidly cheap and easy to restock that I used it most of the time.

  17. Health meads are only there to recover health quickly in a fight.

  18. There are 3 wolf spiders there, 2 inside and 1 on the outside nustled into a root of the tree.

  19. Yeah, I thought these things were just common decency, but I guess some people get really (self) absorbed in

  20. well when you only learn recipes once you get all parts it is easy to miss things, it took me a emnbarisingly long time to learn about carts

  21. This would have been more accurate if it was a mechanic mentioning it, I have had to wrestle a few creatures that come in through a breach, often only armed with tools, a knife and a revolver.

  22. Best troll killer is a bow, the early bows are pretty cheap and worthwhile.

  23. I think it is techincally random and you really only notice the really good or bad shifts.

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