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  1. So she’s saying that her fully American mother, father and brother needed to call her by a different name when they went to Spain on vacation because it was just too confusing for them to call her by the name they’d been using every day since her birth while in another country?

  2. ...and she wrote in Living Clearly that her mother called her Hilaria when she was a little kid at the playground being "not like other kids." In Boston. Receipts.Receipts.Receipts.

  3. Not mine. All sales are final. Not the worst 35 bucks I’ve spent. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Myself as well it’s a historical event and my history loving self will be watching from the US wearing my own tiara I will still be in my pajamas as I think I have to be awake at like 4am but I will not miss it

  5. Just got my tiara! Deciding which tea I should prepare. I'll be in jammies, too. In Ohio. 🇬🇧💂

  6. I noticed at the Sandringham Christmas walk, Camilla sort of tries to shepherd Louis ahead of her on the church steps because he came out before William and Catherine and the rest and that child would not budge.I realized he had been taught to NEVER ever ever walk in FRONT of Charles or Camilla and by Jove he didn't.

  7. Totally. I couldn't breastfeed successfully (I tried and tried but no dice, the most I ever got was about 12ml out of ole lefty) but even with me normal bras felt like HELL. I literally lived in the loosest softest singlet type cotton bra I could find.

  8. Here’s another recent example of how dangerous the band wagoning Harkles are…One of Megyn Kelly’s recent podcasts details a frightening and powerful select group of elites censoring investigative news reports and information regarding American politics and the last US presidential election from powerful social media platforms with Twitter and the Hunter Biden laptop story being a primary example. The New York Post did a thoroughly vetted news report on the story and this elite board dictated to Twitter and other big Tech platforms to nix the story and mislead the lame stream media to dismiss a legitimate story weeks before a critical election as Russian disinformation. And who is on that elite death panel of vital information and road block to our bonkers 1st Amendment????? That would be none other than a none American citizen here in the US on a questionable Visa who is no less a Prince and exiled ex-patriot of the UK- Prince Harry. That’s right, per Megyn Kelly’s fine reporting, a no-brain, drugged out, blue blooded, titled Prince of England interfered with our election laws in the US and affected the outcome he wanted and yet, he has no right to vote in America, is not a citizen, has not denounced his titles that the US fought a war to never bow down to, and most likely doesn’t pay any US tax or at least not “ his fair share” as his Buddy Geriatric Joe loves to say ad nauseum through his senile coma. No matter what political affiliation or candidate you support, as an American this should shake you to your very core. It has never happened so boldly or allowed to happen in all my studies of American history and politics. It’s unprecedented and unacceptable. It’s also highly illegal and Harry needs to be hauled in front of a televised congressional hearing and then deported on the first plane back to England in Economy class cuffed next to an air marshall or ICE agent. Or he can have the choice of going to an American jail where I’m pretty sure there’s no fancy X box or Call of Duty in a dingy, tiny cell. And furthermore, Harry should be banned from ever stepping on American soil or US territories ever again. And it will be a relief and huge consolation for us Americans not to see our brave American soldiers in uniform forced to salute this non-entity/imbecile ever again - as this jerk is rightly not allowed to wear his own full military uniform or salute or be saluted by the military in his own country.

  9. Yup....the more you pay, the closer you can sit to Jesus when you get to Heaven. But seriously, I once worked with a divorced Catholic guy who wanted to get remarried, and the Catholic church quoted him a price of $1500 for an annulment. And THIS was back in the mid-1990's, so I can just imagine what the cost is now. By the way, he said screw that, and got married by a "civilian". They're still together and I'm sure used that $1500 for extra fun on their honeymoon!

  10. The Catholic Church used to charge for annulment. They've changed it, it's now free. Source: I divorced my husband of 24 years; he was able to get a free annulment in 2018 even though we had three children. It's as if the marriage never existed. Us crazy Catholics, huh?

  11. The kids don’t have friends. Do we remember the ridiculous play date with James Corden’s older kids with Archie. Even her stupid husbands friends don’t/didn’t call him Prince Harry. But they might have to do now because that’s what she wants for the kids. Also the Wales’ children don’t use their titles at school. Every day I’m feeling more and more sorry for those kids. Soon they will be up there with the 7 poor souls in the NYC sky dungeon

  12. The letters to the judge are mind-blowing. He was paying some widow $2000 per month for YEARS?? While his family lived in a warehouse?? Yeah, nothing suspicious there. 🙄

  13. One of my personal favorites, the "Paris Hilton pose" engagement announcement pic.

  14. In her blog she criticized woman wanting to become princesses, citing the “pomp and circumstance” of William and Catherine’s royal wedding.

  15. Can’t forget the Indianapolis hotel “speech” with all of the unclaimed tickets

  16. The boys playing basketball in dress pants!!😝 But at least it isn't dangerous, like swimming fully clothed in a drainage ditch.

  17. So Aleeek liked face #4, y'know, if he were to sit down and draw her. How does he feel about face #6? They're awful.

  18. Except his own Meghan Markle grifter calls the paps quite a bit. IDU how he’s with this leaks to the press grifter either, aka Lauren Sanchez. I mean it was obvious SHE LEAKED HIS D PIX to the NE via her brother!

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