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  1. Idk what is wrong with liberals and centrists. Like do they just think that right wing extremists won’t use power when they get it? They know we do (and that’s why they always oppose us so damn much).

  2. Democrats lost the House this past election. Meaning they’re going to be in the minority. The Speaker of the House is elected by whichever party has the majority, and that’s going to be Republicans. The Hill article is suggesting that when the next Congress votes for speaker, Democrats, and some number of Republicans elect Cheney. It’s an interesting idea, not crazy as you imply.

  3. Yes that’s what I also heard and tbh the election stuff is the most important stuff. Like yeah sure the other stuff will definitely make the lives of millions of people objectively worse but unlike the rest of the GOP Cheney doesn’t support making those changes permanent by just destroying our democracy.

  4. The meme is a reference to a scene in Game of Thrones where someone wanted some chickens and another person said "are you really going to die for some chickens" and the first person who wanted the chickens said "someone is".

  5. What does this even mean? Like what is he trying to say?

  6. It's the boringly common *vaguely gestures at imagined hypocrisy* that conservatives always do everywhere. You may have to cut down a few trees to set up a wind farm and because you have to do that then that instantly makes all pro-environment people in Germany hypocrites because destroying all life on the planet (human or otherwise) with fossil fuels is of course identical to cutting down a tree

  7. I love the person who has the George Orwell pfp whilst defending conservatism meanwhile Orwell despised conservatives and nationalists more than he probably hated Tankies

  8. Trans woman come up with good argument challenge - FAILED

  9. Remember that at the end of the day trans women are women and women do be cringe. It’s simple biology

  10. We objectify everyone we're all horny all the time

  11. Too true, the shit I be saying about flat veesh would make even the most wild degenerate in the world vomit in disgust

  12. loved the debate, i think maybe vaush could do more of those (meaning real ilfe) as they are way more informative, less shouty

  13. It also gives him the opportunity to use the tactical rock argument in person

  14. This seems plausible but I can't help think there is some selection bias only determining 1 as left. Last 5 years there have been a few cops executed on duty attributed to anti cop ACAB sentiment and some trump supporters killed for political motivation. Not same scale but doesn't pass the smell test.

  15. From what I remember a lot of those police killings and MAGA killings were done by the black separatists and so would be counted under them.

  16. Lol, on a post about mass shootings you’re calling for….violence to end the violence? Interesting take.

  17. This is basically how I treat work, but I fuck it up on purpose. It makes more work.

  18. Real workaholics fuck up their jobs constantly so they have an excuse to work even more

  19. If it were up to me we'd have a banned meme list but the other mods want the meme market to regulate itself or some shit (they're liberals)

  20. The paradox of tolerance is anti-people like Elon who pretend to allow both sides of the debate but inevitably empower the side that wants to kill all the members of the debate in the first place e.g. the people who want LGBT+ people dead

  21. People got mad at kyrie for linking it, but not Amazon for selling it.

  22. Because Amazon is just a business that wants to make money. They would sell helicopters to Pinochet and AKs to Sankara if they could.

  23. "Why do you think about fucking me so much?"

  24. So they switch from stigmatising one group to stigmatising another

  25. Nah not really, they stigmatise one group and then treat the members of the other group as actual individuals

  26. I love assassins creed Valhalla, don’t get why so many people dislike it

  27. They dislike because it’s not an AC game. It’s Skyrim with a hidden blade and MMO mod

  28. I think his idea was that teenagers would have their needs met independently and wouldn't have to have an economic dependence on adults, yet somehow he didn't factor in the fact that teenagers are easy to manipulate because they are fucking stupid

  29. Yh that’s what I think he meant too. No more sugar daddies/mommy’s because we don’t need sugar anymore

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