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Lyft driver cancels ride on racist bar owner and her husband

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  1. No I am saying Fremont is like Pasadena, it has what it has but forms the tapestry of an interesting area. My bad though, I forgot kids from so cal can’t read.

  2. Oh so it isn’t an insane thing to compare SFs burbs to LAs burbs?

  3. 🤣 it seems like you’ve never been near Los Angeles if you think I was giving out a compliment.

  4. Stay off social media and redo basic averages lad. I can’t believe you just don’t understand a simple concept.

  5. I forgot to mention you're supposed to drive with a licensed adult for 30 days as well but the state doesn't verify it and it's really just a waiting period.

  6. I don’t think making driving a federal responsibility solves these problems at all. The reason other countries have national systems is because they are no where near the size of the US.

  7. There is so many YouTube channels that break down Everything from the front office salary caps offensive scheme’s defensive scheme statistics player matchups shooting from every point of the court and how that affects it and everything in between but ONCE IN A WHILE because of pat I have to watch the clips 😂 its like I like lupe Eminem Cole Mac big KRIT Wayne yelawolf Nas Kendrick big Sean but there isn’t anything wrong with some future or young thug or Nav once in a while

  8. Honestly think they need more starpower, you need players who can take over games when it's an even battle, not dudes who are only great when they're up.

  9. Lol you realize the thread is talking about he Lakers right? Lebron and AD Lakers lol?

  10. Time to get rid of Chris Paul so everyone doesn’t hate us anymore

  11. It’s because you make insufferable comments like this one 🤣 If AD wasn’t injured, that finals trip never happens.

  12. Think you guys will make the playin next year?

  13. These days a good sociology degree can go to management consulting or become data scientists for big tech doing user research

  14. Same thing applies to people without degrees. You don’t need a sociology degree to do anything you listed lmaoo.

  15. It's the stats background for sociology majors that matters (something that is often lacking in computer scientists for example)

  16. He pops up every often, plus role players have legacies all the time if they are a part of great dynasty's.

  17. We’re talking about something he didn’t mention lol? He did bring it up 🤣

  18. Lmao. Good luck finding any cop that’s going to give a shit that some dude threatened to punch you.

  19. With his newest album he 100% has gotten to that level at least temporarily. Not TPAB level but def above DAMN. And MMATBS. LP! Offline! is amazing and AOTY for 2021

  20. What does that have to do with anything? The same thing happens to bike paths as to car roads in case of natural disasters.

  21. It just ups the cost of a bike lane comparatively to a place that doesn’t have those things. And sure car roads would also need maintenance, but if we’re talking about the USA, the difference is that one already exists and the other needs to be built.

  22. …. What do you think happens to paved roads after a natural disaster? Now imagine a bike lane…

  23. Seriously, comments like that are just so useful.

  24. As a regular rider both before and after this new contract, I'd say the new contract is way better.

  25. There is like 20 teams fanbases that would kill to have that banner, and one bad year "almost made you forget?" Fucking bruh

  26. Will anything ever beat Klay's "I guess his feelings just got hurt" post-game comment, only for him to walk off the court without shaking anyone's hand after they lost Game 7? Still don't understand how he's so liked on here after that.

  27. If KD didn’t bail out that team, they would be remembered so differently right now lol.

  28. That wasn't a command, I wasn't granting permission. There are many ways to interpret things, I hope that you can learn healthier ones in the future

  29. He’s trolling you because you’re being pretentious man lol. You’re not saying anything new.

  30. Of course. I took her word for it and showed my disdain.Also no reason a kid who’s 18 should be getting drunk in a public setting. The hell.

  31. The only person who claimed he was drunk is CP3’s mom who may be an unreliable narrator.

  32. Literally the same not funny joke in every thread. Ya must not realize how corny it sounds after the 100th time. At least make it funny

  33. It was corny when it came out of Kerr’s mouth. Now he’s gonna get made fun of whenever anything happens in a game.

  34. The tweet said lots of wealthy sponsors were not coming back. Not sure why you’re just picking on the big teams, but I’m sure the smaller ones are impacted.

  35. Well, once we can name a few companies then I’ll be satisfied. Right now it just seems like clickbait drama.

  36. Maybe the tweet was an exaggeration, but suggesting teams won’t be impacted by a loss of sponsorship is pretty naive.

  37. I’m saying the loss of sponsorship would be easily filled by companies that don’t have snarky idiotic CEOs who care about wait staff at a race rather than the amount of eyeballs watching that will generate revenue.

  38. Says the fan base that complained when the Americans got rid of the “show girls” at races 🤣

  39. I can tell from your tone that you're exactly the sort of person I'm talking about.

  40. How do you feel about the people who do have options but hide behind your story so they don't have to do anything?

  41. The House (2022), Bigbug, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Bubble (anime movie), Okja, Apollo 10 1/2

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