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Alito on SCOTUS critics: 'questioning our integrity crosses an important line'

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  1. Well that's a shame, because capitalism sure ain't working.

  2. It's working good for a lot of people around the world. It's why the first world is wealthy and prosperous and why hundreds of millions of people in the third world have been lifted up to the middle class

  3. Yes. International trade and sweatshops are why hundreds of millions of people in places like China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and elsewhere are no longer impoverished subsistence farmers and have some actual prosperity

  4. I mean, it isn't one, and calling it that is problematic and bordering on antisemitism, so this isn't that unreasonable

  5. How is it not? Have you ever even been to Israel? Not just the touristy parts. Yeah, no….the Palestinians in Israel have absolutely no rights - especially compared to their white, Jewish counterparts.

  6. Israel actually grants equal rights to minorities. The main issue is about the areas under Israeli occupation but not civilian rule - the west Bank outside of East Jerusalem

  7. Mmmm, when the US invaded Iraq and destroyed the country and destroyed the future of tens of millions of people, pretty much everybody was against that but no one send arms to the Iraqis and no one did any sanction against the US, so why is this different?, hypocrisy?

  8. Not hypocrisy at all. What an odd attempt at false equivalency. The Iraqi government at the time was a fascist imperialist dictatorship that slaughtered as much as a million or more people, removing it was probably actually for the best for the Iraqi people. Whereas the government of Ukraine is a free democracy that wasn't slaughtering civilians like Iraq did. It's not hypocrisy for people to stand up for democracy and freedom while letting fascist imperialists be attacked. At least it's not hypocrisy unless we apply some sort of extreme sort of pacifism that is tolerant of fascism

  9. Mmm a white person saying Iraqis were bad and now they are better than before. Maybe you think they should thank you for that?, I was questioning the hypocrisy but you just knocked it out of the park with that reply. It’s true conservatives don’t have a heart and would rather see everybody dead than lose 1 cent

  10. I'd prefer less Democrats and less Republicans.

  11. Libertarianism is basically just republicanism with a faint stink of weed

  12. Imagine a US where 2000 Nader and 2016 Stein voters actually used their brains and voted for a viable candidate. Instead we get Roberts, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett.

  13. Yup. We'd have roe v Wade secured and have partisan gerrymandering banned too

  14. There is like 1.7 million undocumented immigrants in Texas and the richest community in the nation whines when there are 50 sent to them.

  15. A person who successfully requests asylum while already in the United States is called an asylee. A person who requests protection while still in some other country (not their own, because they fled), and then is given permission to enter the U.S. as a refugee, is called a refugee. 

  16. Give Democrats fairly big and consistent majorities and even their boring normies go and do all sorts of neat positive reforms


  18. Don't need progressives to get things done. Just need some normie establishment liberals so we can negotiate with guys like Angus King and Jon Tester rather than needing Manchin and Sinema

  19. Mischief. For fuck's sake. These moderate democrats (yes, Obama too) need to wake the hell up. Why can't these mainstream Dems actually call a spade a fucking spade? These are insurrectionists. These Republicans are Nazi-sympathizing fascists. They do not act in good faith. These aren't political games their playing. They are out for blood. They are out for power and will do whatever it takes to seize it.

  20. This is just word salad made with the really expensive lettuce. One of the things that frustrated me most about Obama as president was his inability to say anything succinctly and clearly.

  21. It's not word salad. I would say it's a bit unnecessarily wordy, but in more words, he's saying that the GOP are antidemocratic authoritarians who are lying to the public using conspiracy theories in order to spur their base forward. The ideas he's talking about make sense

  22. I mean, there will always be someone who stops something, but the non Manchin/Sinema Dems are still way to the left of those two, so we'd end up with a lot more that does get done, even though there'd also still be the inevitable major anger over all sorts of stuff that doesn't get done

  23. Both parties need to trend younger. Democrats especially need to find new blood.

  24. Idk, I'd much rather have experienced leadership than new blood, personally. I'm not at all confident that younger leadership would have managed the Dem caucus well enough to get Biden's stimulus and his climate/drugs/healthcare reform bills passed for example. Ultimately all the fresh new people in the world won't help if they aren't effective at governing

  25. I mean counterfactuals are all fine and dandy, but the majority of build back better did not in fact pass, and the year of public infighting with our favorite 2 senators (and their obvious personal corruption ) was damaging to public approval of democrats, as well as an opportunity cost. Also as we found out today Pelosi delayed the impeachment vote when it could have succeeded right after Jan 6th. That being said, some decent bills have passed, which isn’t nothing. But I’m unconvinced that current leadership is so indispensable that none of it could have passed without them. Especially given that they usually act to suppress aggressive and popular action by the caucus such as decoupling BBB from infrastructure and holding back impeachment when it was time to go in for the kill.

  26. It’s going to be fucking amazing when the republicans trash the filibuster the next time they are in power.

  27. They didn't do that under Trump and probably won't do it the next time they are in power either. It's not that they don't want to legislate, but they probably have more to gain by baiting the Dems into being the ones to end it, and then retaliate harshly for that

  28. Most members of Democratic leadership are privately overjoyed that soon they will no longer be expected to fulfill the campaign promises that got them elected. Even better, by refusing to act on meaningful finance reform & electoral reform, they will never have to worry about being in the majority again.

  29. Good. We need to stand strong against the fascist imperialism of Russia, and stand up for the freedom fighters in Ukraine

  30. That's not the common standard bipartisanism seems to be held to

  31. Insurance is what pays for healthcare. Making insurance more affordable makes healthcare more affordable. Like, how is "free government insurance" not affordable for the millions who got it?

  32. The supreme court is by nature of itself as an institution shielded from public opinion. So he frankly shouldn't even feel the need to worry about this - we can question his integrity and he knows we can't do shit about it anyway

  33. No, you don’t say!!? How’s that ACA non-universal working out for the USA? Yay Obama’s USA!

  34. your source doesnt even use the word insolvent once did you read it?. that only appears in media interpretations of the report of what mighr happen if the government doesnt top it up temporarily which they absolutely can do.

  35. Insolvency is a word that refers to inability to pay off obligations, which is what will happen if the status quo is kept. Thus describing social security as insolvent is accurate

  36. Yeah, understandable, but remember that time she did basically this

  37. it's their fucking job to keep government running. if they can't do the bare minimum, they should resign in shame.

  38. Nah. When we the voters constantly elect governments where gridlock is the likely result, we the voters shouldn't get mad at the politicians for giving us the gridlock that we made the likely result

  39. Your state went to Trump by nearly ten points twice, including in 2020 despite polls suggesting a competitive race. And now polling has both the governor's and Senate races for this year with pretty solid leads for Republicans

  40. Despite all the fire and fury, we get yet another bipartisan win. People mocked Biden for saying the fever would break, but it at least kinda sorta has

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