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  1. So idk if it's like wrong to do them this way but I like to grind them up and put them in a pb and j. Masks all the flavors and they basically become powder so the texture goes away too.

  2. I hold a small amount, not more them my PMs but still a little exposure and if it goes to 0 I won't be hurting.

  3. I am not a parent but I like the idea as it can free up a hand if it's tied to your belt and it let's them walk more. So I'm for em honestly.

  4. Saw myself pick up a knife and slit my throat, saw judgement, my funera, amdl hell. As well as What I missed out on, and currently; what my life could've been

  5. You say what your life could've been as if it's over, the great thing is that as long as you're still alive there's still time to change your story. Even if it feels like there's so much you regret not doing or taking care of in the past just pick one small thing to work on and start doing it. Once that's done move on to the next thing, progress compounds and setting and achieving something even if it's small has tremendous benefits on an anxious or depressed mind.

  6. While I half agree with you, I really enjoyed their tee flip challenge. That one had good energy and was a lot of fun.

  7. Fuck 🖕nestle, idc how much money they make I'll never invest with a company that exploits the world for its own gain.

  8. I'd say it's probably because people know that every second so many people die so what's more🤷‍♂️that's my guess. The thing that would be crazy tho us if thru a 1 in 8 billion chance it happens to be someone you know that dies at random

  9. Great as an antibacterial and cured my dogs pink eye in one night when the vet wanted 1000$ and said it would take 2 weeks.

  10. It's a close tie between bubbie and grant, bubbie got those chill, relaxed, here for a good time kind of vibe but Grant would be able to help me with my game and still be a great playing partner so it's a close tie.

  11. Be someone who is genuine and not fake, be someone who is introspective and tries to see what character flaws they have and change them. I haven't met a woman like that yet.

  12. My family and i just changed our status a month ago, was a long process but it feels amazing to actually be free.

  13. Congrats! I’m currently working on correcting mine. About how long did it all take for you from start to finish?

  14. From start to finish about 4 months, we just went and got our updated passports 2 weeks ago but technically became state nationals after submitting out affidavits about 6 weeks ago. It will take much longer to get into our trusts but at least now I can live feeling free and hopefully helps others discover the truth as well.

  15. So where can I get these? I live in socal for reference so I'm not sure if they'd ship to my state but I'd like to start to learn to grow my own.

  16. can i dm you? idk if advertising like thats ok. dont wanna get banned

  17. Haven't played kickball since I was a kid but if there will be a group that will play I'm down to join.

  18. Incest roleplay is a hard no for me.

  19. John Daly in his prime, man's is an animal so that round would be so much fun

  20. There's a big difference between bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, yes a lot of them are worthless and won't he around long but bitcoin is a technology that has immense potential for moving large amounts of money quickly, without 3rd party authorization and relatively cheaply. Bitcoin has a place in the future in my mind that's why I stack both pms and btc

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