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  1. There’s literally zero chance this happens. If the Yuan goes up their exports would collapse.

  2. Oh wow the government taking its sweet time to implement regulations.

  3. I mean this is easier said than done, when people go homeless and starve the fed won’t have a choice.

  4. Meta still prints money, I don’t get all the negativity. I have never seen such a hated company that trades at a microscopic pe and still generates 100 billion in revenue year. This reminds me of all the apple nonsense from 2016-2017.

  5. They should stop all operations and use what money they have left to pay the people they scammed.

  6. If there was ever proof you are buying the tiptop it’s when you get this level of response to an offer.

  7. It's bad everywhere. Only green I'm seeing is in Mexico's Bolsa exchange, but that's it

  8. We’re missing some notables like peter griffin. But, i like this as a start.

  9. …Being one of the biggest rug pulls in crypto history is not changing the world

  10. Not everyone who’s had a massive impact on our society did a good thing. Literally 5 million people on this sub knows who he is.

  11. Really tried to like this but still just felt like I was in a hamster wheel going through the motions. First hour was fun, loads of endorphins triggered but then it just felt like a grind...

  12. That doesn't sound any dumber than Russia blowing up their own pipelines.

  13. I mean kinda, Putin doesn’t have a problem with making his peons suffer.

  14. The government needs to define the rules of the game before moving to enforcement action... You cant play the game fairly if every step you take the government says 5 years ago you broke the rule which I cant define nor explain so pay up.

  15. I honestly don’t get what you are saying. The howey test has been around for a long time.

  16. Oh sorry i normally ignore bad faith actors. If you lack the intelligence to see horizontal commonality in a crypto currency I can’t help you.

  17. This firm goes belly up in 1-3 years, and no papa bezos won’t be bailing them out.

  18. Lol it always needs to be one of two extreme results. There’s never any chance it could be somewhere in the middle.

  19. How’s he supposed to maximize moon farming if he’s doing simple math twice a day?

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