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  1. They should cut taxes for the very wealthy and corporations and raise the amount of tax the bottom earner pay to offset this tax cut. In the mean time allow the energy companies to continue butt fucking everyone with continual rising energy bills until all but the rich are on very expensive prepayment meters thus increasing their profits. Reduce pay in real terms so the poor cant afford to eat and die there by removing the need for an NHS. Oh hang on.......😁

  2. How about the water companies fix their leaking pipe and investing in infrastructure, instead of giving away £100's milions to shareholders.

  3. Deep fried, in batter, aye...

  4. You may use as much force to stop the perpetrator doing what they are doing. This guy went way beyond that.

  5. This guy got what he deserved. He went home carrying a knife this suggests he had intent to use it. How this man slaughter god only knows if he had stabbed the burglar once then maybe but did it several times. No defence murder in my book.

  6. Our politics is becoming more and more like america everyday. Turning into a personality contest with very little to do with policy's..

  7. Further proof that she is so dense light bends around her

  8. I'm sure believers in "British exceptionalism" won't like the use of the word immigrants here. They prefer being called expats. Can't be lumped with those brown people /s

  9. Expats who the majority want briton in the sun they have no intention of mixing with the locals or learn the language. Basically they want Sunday roast and warm beer and the locals to speak English.

  10. The original purpose of religion is to control the masses. Scare them shitless while you fleece them. Religion is a hoax and trick a slight of hand. You can talk to god but dont ever say god spoke to you as this will probably get a spell in a hospital. There by proving the lie that is religion for if god can not speak to you then those who tell there is a god are lying.

  11. She lives in cuckoo land not realising that these militants are not commie nut jobs but people who had enough of the lies, corruption and destruction of the British way of life and they speak for millions who feel the same way and everyday the numbers swell.

  12. I can never understand how those who have never managed can show managers how to manage.

  13. Because most managers are pricks and only got the job through brown nosing their boss

  14. This guy seems a lot worse mental illness wise than the Tate modern guy, based on the articles I've seen. He'll most likely get an indefinite hospital order, so it's unlikely he'll be released ever.

  15. Soon as a couple of useless doctors say he fit and well they can let him out. Fuck the mental card lock the fucker away for life.

  16. The way it usually works is that once the doctors do that the person is put in prison. It's very rare that people are actually released in that situation. And people on average serve longer than they do in prison.

  17. Time for our shit government to act. But they wont. Their mates are raking it in that is all they care about.

  18. These guys can all go and fuck themselves seven ways from Sunday. There will be a tipping point where people end up rioting in the streets. It’s just a case of “when” and not “if”.

  19. Many fun things I did are considered unsafe and not allowed anymore.

  20. God yeah campfires. We would spend all day over the woods, down the park, playing football in the street. No one knew where we were. Kids are not even allowed to get dirty anymore. We swam in our local canal. I come from near aldershot so loads of military land rode our bikes over the tank testing grounds. All fun stuff, i feel sorry for kids now.

  21. I grew up in a town of less than 5k, then moved to the edge of a 12k town, jumping through the hedge next to our house and you were into fields.

  22. I let my grand kids do that sofar none have died, some of my friends look at me as if im mad.

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