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  1. So Trump did not have dinner with noted anti-semite Kanye West or noted white supremacist Nick Fuentes?

  2. She would get primaried and it wouldn't even be close.

  3. AZ used to have an independent streak, dunno if that holds true anymore with the states changing demographics.

  4. Now you’re staring at the wall, listening to Sade, knowing why you had to fall

  5. They don’t even know what grooming is because if they did, they would be calling out actual groomers.

  6. You don’t think her and the caucus’s support of Putin is crazy?

  7. Freedom Caucus is quite open about their love of dictoral republics.

  8. Freedom Caucus is not really about Freedom, they love Putin significantly more than Jayapal.

  9. You been to pioneer square lately? It’s not as bad as it used to be. They’ve been doing a decent job keeping it clean

  10. Starter line between Bellevue and Redmond is a big YES. Line between Seattle and Bellevue. Not so much.

  11. Dying, inside, these walls and I see your face in these tears

  12. Only 5 democrats, not including Patty Murray, voted no to forcing Railroad workers back to work without sick days instead of allowing them to strike.

  13. I imagine the Judiciary Committee is going to be extra busy this session

  14. Doesn't matter, Federal Judge would put the new laws on hold while the SCOTUS reviews it before they declare it unconstitutional.

  15. 👆, they even allow you to rent cameras if you a trying to decide between models.

  16. I don't have a problem with public transit at all.

  17. So when your car has a manufacturing issue and is recalled do you blame yourself or the car maker?

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