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  1. Firstly, having anxiety messes with your gut majorly, so you should know this. I wouldn’t be concerned about losing the weight, as not eating junk food and avoiding soda for over 2 months will shed the fat.

  2. Sometimes they are brown and the sometimes yellowish brown. I’ve been freaked out since December and my doctor tells me it’s the ibs but he did order me some labs to check my liver function

  3. Hey guys, I posted here like yesterday or a couple days ago. But I’m 21(f), horrible health anxiety, and now my stools are looking like this for 2 days. I’ve been yellow mushy stools since December and I even lost a lot of weight since then. I did stop eating junk food and drinking soda. So maybe that’s the cause for weight loss but idk and it’s terrifying me. Idk what’s going on with my body since December. I also have these burping episodes as well. Please any advice for help would be great! Im so worried it’s some type of cancer. And to add I do have an appointment with my doctor today.

  4. You're not alone. I've been there. I wish I could make things better for you, but all I can do is send you a big virtual hug!! Feel free to DM me anytime you need some support!

  5. I have this same problem I know mine is due to alcohol 🥃 it’s getting better after I quit, I started adding fiber to my diet and more water. When I was on my alcohol thing I never drink water only alcohol and soda stomach was always bloated but I still always had regular bowel movements then I did a watermelon fast for 3 days went vegan for 2 weeks felt amazing and then started drinking again and was back at square 1 then suddenly I got extremely constipated and started having these kinds of stools so then I quit alcohol again for 4 weeks felt great slept great bowels seemed to be coming back to regular and boom 1 party put me back on the sauce and here I am Day 2 😔 but I’m serious this time

  6. This is one of those scenarios you dont google your symptoms too. Im the same anxiety freak when i have any sort of issues and the best advice i can give you is dont ever google them unless u want more stress to contribute to healing

  7. What’s crazy is, I was NEVER like this, until that day in December I ended up googling my symptoms and now I’m deep in this health anxiety, I recently had to start therapy becuase of all this.

  8. Constipation can be abnormal evacuation times, but it can also be hard stools such as fecal compaction. But what is your symptoms? If something has changed you should know.

  9. And add I do still have the burping but not as much as before

  10. So back in beginning of December I had ate some pizza an the next morning I had watery diarrhea I had threw up bile twice and then I was having horrible acid reflux where where anything I ate or drank would burp up, burping was constant! And then I kept having yellow like stool with mucus, I also have very bad health anxiety so I’ve been really stressing since dec, I even lost weight because I wasn’t eating as much as I used too. On to now I have bowel movements either once a day or twice. An they are always soft and it also depends on what I eat. I also get right cramps for a quick second an then it goes away after i pass gas. I took a stool calprotectin test an it was negative I’m still waiting in the bacteria one. I got diagnosed with ibs last year my doctor also suspected sibo but I never got medication for it.

  11. I work in oncology. The odds of you having colorectal cancer would be EXTREMELY slim.

  12. So this would just be a bad flare up of ibs? Or like my anxiety mixed with it? Sorry for the questions I’m just trying to get a little reassurance 😊

  13. It can definitely cause you to eat less and thereby causing weight loss. If you've made some dietary changes though, it's very possible it's linked to that as well. But that also depends on what sort of dietary changes you've made. I mean, to put it in perspective, I lost 10 pounds in 1 week from eating literally nothing but fruits and veggies. Dietary changes can cause dramatic and rapid changes in weight.

  14. I used to eat out 24/7, an then I got food poisoning from pizza an then went into complete panic mode for 2 months I haven’t really ate that much I used to drink sodas all day long I will barely even touch one. I have severe health anxiety so every little thing that happens I think it’s gonna kill me

  15. Oh I’ve been there! And still find myself in that anxiety hole often! You should follow the account “health anxiety” on Instagram. You’ll see that your feelings are so so normal and so many people feel like this on the daily. I’ve had health anxiety for a while and have all the same feelings as you. I spiral when I have symptoms and always catastrophise in my mind. To be honest the anxiety is most probably contributing to the symptoms - you’d be surprised at what anxiety can manifest in your body. Sounds like you’re doing the right thing by getting tested and once you have peace of mind that it’s nothing you’re worried about maybe look at getting some help for your anxiety. You will feel better x

  16. Thank you so much 💗💗 this health anxiety all started in dec and it’s been so hard living in doom everyday, I just finished my 3 session of therapy the other day I just hope it starts working soon, I miss being my old self 😞

  17. I am so, so sorry you are feeling this way. It sounds incredibly challenging but I know you are not alone. Have you ever tried CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)? Research has shown it can really help people manage anxiety and IBS

  18. Thank you 💗 and can you explain CBT ? I have heard of the name but not sure what it is

  19. Hey! I’m 21f and I’m experiencing the same with my health anxiety I’m also trying to find ways to handle it! I just tell myself I’m going to be okay! I hope you get through this , health anxiety is definitely not easy! Your not alone 💗💗

  20. Heyy, I also had very irregular periods I went almost 2 years without I started provera in June 2022 but I only did it for that month becuase I couldn’t get a refill due to pharmacy issues. So I went 4-5 months without a period until dec 2022 I started pink spotting on my own and eventually had deeper color red blood which lasted again got 2 weeks I had no cramping no nothing! Scared the crap out of me an then this month I started the light pink blood again and now it’s either pink or red an it’s been going in for a week now going on 2. I had a video visit with my ob/gyn an she was telling that it’s normal and such. I have very bad health anxiety now because of it 😩

  21. I’m like this especially with my health anxiety. I got cardiophobia and agrophobia along with ocd, gad, BPD, odd, separation anxiety, adhd and what not. I’m really struggling and I have 2 children!

  22. I have really bad separation anxiety as well, my fear is cancer, and it’s so weird because I was never like this! It just started last month when my bowels got all messed up from ibs 😩

  23. Hey, I'm here. I suffer from GAD and panic disorder, I get panic attacks with agoraphobia nearly everyday. I understand how you feel. I'm on 4 different meds and it seems like none work, its horrible. Doing simple tasks like going to the grocery store gives me huge anxiety and attacks. Even just watching TV. I'm also drained. Cant go out to eat at a restaurant either, I'll feel anxious. It takes control of my life and it sucks living in this but hey, you're not alone.

  24. It’s horrible, I’ve had to quit my job, I literally don’t leave my room unless I really have too, and then the worst part is I get sooo emotional because I see all my friends go out and have fun and there’s me letting this horrible anxiety rule my life. I have an amazing boyfriend he actually stayed home for a month to be with me because he knows how to help and makes me feel better but he recently went back to work so for 10hrs that he’s gone I’m just battling my mind. I can’t even cook without going into a complete panic. I got prescribed lexapro but i hear that it takes a while for it to kick in so I’m like ughh😩😩 but thank you so much for reply it makes me feel a bit better knowing that I’m not alone in this💗💗 also I’m here if you ever wanna chat! 😊

  25. Heyy I know this post old but I do have 2 lumps one on each side of my lower back, it’s been giving me anxiety as well, did you ever find out what it is?

  26. Heyy I know this post is old but I’m currently having this issue!! And it’s been freaking me out, I emailed my doctor an she said it’s normal but my anxiety is trying to tell me other wise

  27. I have PCOS and IBS. Endometriosis will also cause IBS symptoms, which is another thing we will suffer from.

  28. Would endometriosis show up on an ultrasound? I had one done in 2022, an the uterus looked Normal

  29. I have this as well sometimes, have you figured out what this is yet?

  30. Heyy I also have dermoid cyst that are less than 2cm!

  31. I had pink bleeding when pregnant. Is that a definite no in your case?

  32. Yeah I had this last month and wasn’t pregnant, I could test again an see but I highly doubt it lol as much as I do want to be pregnant

  33. Maybe. PCOS is weird af and it sucks so bad. I got diagnosed 3 months ago and I'm 26 now. Always had regular periods. Must be some hormone changes. I bled every two weeks which was weird.

  34. It literally sucks, and it’s weird for me to say but I miss having a period lol😂 if you ever wanna chat about pcos you can inbox me :)

  35. If you experience chronic constipation or have large bowel movements, the bladder can be impacted.

  36. Im 21 as well, I’m very dependent on my fiancé, for the past month I been dealing with some health anxiety and he actually stayed home From work to be with me an today he just went back to work and it’s been a hard day

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