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  1. Shiba and Carolina dog are highly unlikely. More likely to be a mix of common breeds. We’d need better pictures to make more accurate guesses along with weight and age.

  2. Try to post full body pictures from the sides too :)

  3. It’s hard he’s always moving around and he’s not the most photogenic, but will try my best!!

  4. Referrals carry the most weight if the person giving the referral knows the hiring manager and has a good relationship with him or her. They do not have to be in the same department. There can be a formal process where you list the person you know as a referral when applying, but usually an informal referral is good enough. The hiring manager can request you by name from HR, which helps cut through the screening process.

  5. Gotcha, is there anyway to pinpoint the specific hiring manager for the role I’m applying for besides just looking up “hiring manager @ “x” company” on LinkedIn at the location I applied for? I feel like the cold email/message invitation isn’t too effective nowadays. I appreciate your response!

  6. Whenever I've submitted hours late my pay was delayed a pay period, so I'd think you should get paid for those hours next Friday.

  7. Gotcha, thanks! Will it always be delayed until I quit if not, do you know if there a way to make it catch up?

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