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  1. Daaamn blue shell dodge WITH the shortcut??? Good shit 👍

  2. I feel thats a very boomer thing to say OP. You can become addicted to anything, but to say it holds you back is simply not true. Yes if your life is in bad condition then you probably shouldnt use it as frequently. It all depends on how you let it affect you

  3. I can say as a former installer, hell no. Some of Them installs can literally take all day into the night

  4. You know what? I’ll take that for the rainbow road one cause i fail every time with that big turn in the beginning. I brake drift and still fall off the map. Neo Bowser on the other hand im getting better at now.

  5. Roller wheels and a pipe frame with shy guy and I can brake drift through it without falling

  6. You gotta play it on 200cc. I love both of these map’s honestly. I do agee with the weird boosters off the rail though that doesnt make sense but other than that its a good map

  7. This map is great on 200cc. That shortcut isnt worth it most of the time though because that happens.

  8. I gotta say Puma. Only consistent King player i see in tournaments

  9. If im stealing then i enthusiastically show them the receipt to make them think otherwise

  10. No Majin, JDCR, eyemusician, Mainman, Brawlpro?

  11. Jesus Christ lmaoo no way. Im sorry you had to go through that but thats actually kinda funny. To be 27 behaving like that? Oof. And even bigger oof to the mother for babying a grown man

  12. Nah you’re probably just on at a slow time. People at school or work, give it a few hours and lobbies will be full

  13. I completely get what OP is trying to say cause i’ve always wondered the same. If we literally tried every prevention method for pregnancy (condoms, birth control, etc) i think its pretty obvious i dont want a child, because otherwise i couldve went in raw and not pulled out. But despite our attempts she still becomes pregnant. Now….. like i said it’s obvious i was trying to avoid this happening and this is where it gets tricky. She may want to keep it but as i said i tried all i could to avoid this, so i clearly dont want her to have it. She doesnt want to get an abortion and goes through with the whole pregnancy. Now i have to be miserable for the rest of my life to help raise a child i didnt want? I dont think thats fair. And before you all say its my responsibility, i know that and knew that this was a situation far beyond my responsibilities and control which is why i would have rather her get an abortion but there could be complications with that procedure too so….. i guess no answer is easy to this. All i know is raising a child is expensive as all fucking hell, and even worse as a single parent.

  14. Thank you for understanding. I dont like how the power lies in the hands of the female. Just because she is the one giving birth and going through the difficulties of pregnancy (by her own choice) she gets to decide the course of my life and my financial situation for the next 18 years. I will be supporting a child and paying for a child who very likely despises me and will want no contact with me (and he/she is obviously justified). This is in no way fair for us.

  15. Exactly. It makes me wonder why people put themselves through this, yeah it takes two to get pregnant but one to make the ultimate decision(s). And i think thats why so many households are so dysfunctional, i didnt want her to have the kid, she did anyway, i dont want to be on child support so i’ll try to make things work but that doesnt always work. Now we’re possibly creating a hostile environment for the child. Its a whole mess

  16. Some house music when the job is chill. Death metal when it feels a little more hectic lol

  17. Oh, well being fron Jersey i dont have to pump my own gas. They wont let me lol but it seems pretty simple, put the card in, select how much and what type, put the nozzle in pump and thats it.

  18. Super cope. If you lost you lost. All that learning matchup shit is for the future but for right now…… you lost.

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