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  1. Drink ensure between meals. Don't increase your meal size. Then when you reach your desired weight stop the ensures.

  2. Fragrances will smell different on each person. It will mix will your own unique pheromones and skin oils. The top notes will smell the same but the middle and bottom notes of perfumes or colognes are what really lingers.

  3. You don't even save that many calories. Just get toast and make it a sandwich if you want more "fillings".

  4. Idk why you’d buy mostly paperback books that most people have never heard of unless you’re committed to reading them

  5. Ahhhhh interesting thought but I work in the book industry and you'd be surprised how many people purchase books just for show.

  6. I noticed a major difference in the photos too. She edits and filters alot of her content photos. I was actually happy to see a normal looking runners body especially in the runner's world where it can get scary. I live in a city where marathoners and elite runners train and it messes with your head thinking I need 0% body fat and running 5 minute miles when I see them out and about.

  7. I have a lot of runner friends, many who grew up running. I found running only a few years ago and am not stick thin, the running community is amazing and if you ever find yourself wanting to do it the non elite side is so welcoming and cool 🫶

  8. Thank you! I know from racing that running attracts all walks of life. I follow some really positive runners on ig but I torture myself with the comparison. It's something I'm continuing to recognize and work on in myself.

  9. Are you though? How is this not body shaming disguised as concern. And if she does suffer from some sort of ed pointing out her thinness only will excaberate her issues. If you'd never suffered from an eating disorder then you wouldn't know but to keep pointing this out is not ok.

  10. I actually have. I think it's important that we do point out ED behaviors considering these girls have a large following composed of many young and impressionable girls who will learn from them and aspire to be them. People in these comments pointed out it's edited, which I actually didn't even notice when I posted this and I'm glad it was brought to my attention. Editing just creates worse body dysmorphia issues for her young followers.

  11. Well, I don't think her young, impressionable followers are on her reddit snark page. Pointing out photoshop and filters is total reasonable but stop commenting on the size of someone's body.

  12. I tried listening but got 15mins in and quit. Too much mucous coughing and too many people talking at once. They were all hungover and recapping their evening. No thanks.

  13. I love stuff island but I agree this was a tough listen . Tough look to be going on benders like this at this age .

  14. Why vote in a binary election if both candidates suck? It's ok. Until we fix the system of nominating candidates It's just gonna be the same merry-go-round of wealthy ass kisses who want power.

  15. Since rogan cares deeply about children, did he ask him about the time he knowingly banged a 14 year old whilst in his 20s ?

  16. He was also pretty much molested by his dad's gf when he was a prepubescent teen. The cycle just continued.

  17. I'm only skipping one song: Snow on the Beach. I've listened to it only twice so far.

  18. I mean there’s body shaming ie fat or figure shaming, and then there’s “her boob job looks bad” and “she is looking unhealthily skinny” Those are two very very different ways of speaking about someone’s body. Imo one is fine and one isn’t.

  19. Omg I never said skinny shaming was ok. I said it was ok to point out when someone clearly is not eating enough, Ella rose for example. Criticizing a naturally thin body is a different story, but this is clearly not that situation.

  20. You literally wrote "unhealthily skinny" (which i don't think is even a word) but if you substituted skinny for fat then that would not be ok? Where's the logic? We can call someone too thin because it's socially accepted but we can never point out when someone has gained weight or is obese? Both have negative health consequences and both are body shaming.

  21. My grandma once told me to never call someone "nice". It's more of an insult.

  22. Nice is when you can't think of anything more interesting to say about someone

  23. He doesn’t have the decency or intelligence to commit to any of this. He’s a fuckin slob and he always has been. And it’s gotten him this far in his career so you know that he’s not gunna change. If you’ve ever known an addict you know that the only thing that’ll make them change is something dramatic or devastating.

  24. That's harsh but I agree an addicg needs to be self motivated to change. However, there are tactics family and friends can implement to motivate the addict.

  25. Yes. Binge Eating Disorder or BED. When I've been in treatment centers for my anorexia we had patients with BED.

  26. I say hi to the deer I pass in the woods but I never acknowledge the humans I pass in public.

  27. you ever stumble on a sleeping faun in early summer? The way they drunkenly stumble away is hilarious

  28. Yes. The does usually leave the very little babies in a safe spot so they can go eat. The fawns just stay put until their mom comes back.

  29. Why is this such a big deal? Two grown women putting the past behind them and moving on? Shows growth and maturity. Does nobody experience this kinda self development irl anymore?

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