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  1. You’re listening to the wrong girls. Not everyone has shit vowels.

  2. Please put me on some good ones. I want to enjoy female singers

  3. You could start by listening to pre-19th century music, which I suspect you don't do much of. Any recitative-dominant styles require textual clarity and flair. Katherine Watson, Lea Desandre, Karina Gauvin, Cecilia Bartoli, just a few recent names who have made this type of vocalism their specialty.

  4. What were they gonna do, record a pod about it? The same people would still ignore it lol

  5. Truly, the part of Gadsby that was always the most sloppily overrated was her knowledge of art history. she was a flunkie on an undergrad level; there were probably people at her school who majored in engineering and chemistry and still emerged with a better grasp of art history than her.

  6. Why does Ursula have to be a Divine reference? The makeup can be improved without being “””queer-coded”””

  7. Tati for having the best hair I've ever seen on RPDR

  8. BAP’s, and his orbiters - for a bunch of supposed Dionysian aesthetes they’re profoundly humorless, allergic to anything truly erotic or transgressive and just generally shit to listen to.

  9. Reri Grist, Roberta Peters, Rita Shane, Edita Gruberova (pre-2000s, won't speak on the later stuff). I love Sabine now, she might be my favorite ever but she's also benefited from a wider range of historical repertoire than her predecessors were allowed to operate with. Damrau was incredible during the first half of her career and I love her lieder recordings.

  10. it's getting so exhausting how nobody is telling the Ice Spice bit correctly. They knew she wasn't Inuit!!! It was a dumb play on the word "ice," Adam and Nick probably didn't even know what she looked like.

  11. Michelle was being a cow and Adore was rightfully over it

  12. Why don't you explain instead? I explained to you when you didn't understand.

  13. The fact that you thought I didn’t understand is part of the problem

  14. But your edit said that you seriously asked. I thought to wanted an answer.

  15. I’m seriously asking why people aren’t cringing themselves inside-out at the earnest usage of the word “ally” in 2023 in reference to heterosexuals finding queer people entertaining, so i was genuinely asking if perhaps we’ve been transported to a game of thrones universe where the word “ally” might make sense

  16. I mean Trixie haa sort of been doing Kim’s face the whole time anyway

  17. I love her and I think it's beautiful that she realized being herself (a bitch) would actually win fans back instead of being fake (but still obviously a bitch).

  18. Not to me. Tebaldi's is much hotter in color, with less noticeable breaks between the middle and lower. Ponselle's voice takes on a throatiness in the lower-middle, which I find attractive, but quite distinct from from how Tebaldi's voice would seamlessly dip down the scale and retain vibrancy.

  19. Thanks for mentioning Milanov. I'm sure I've listnened to her before but never payed her much attention really.

  20. There aren’t a lot of sopranos who sound like Ponselle in that respect- she was something of a technical anomaly. One soprano who sounds a bit like her at times is Pumeza Matshikiza, but she’s not quite in the same scope (or league…) of Ponselle.

  21. The comments are learning the hard way that the private lives of your faves do not concern you

  22. she was talking about the "show" that they are making a "trailer" for, not rupaul's drag race.

  23. Probably is a little early I’m your development, but if you want a challenge I have two recommendations: -Or dove fuggo io mai from I Puritani -Bella siccome un angelo from Don Pasquale This two arias need great agility and breath management. And if you are confident in your chest voice, Madamina Il catalogo e questo from Don Giovanni.

  24. respectfully, these are unrealistic suggestions for a 19 year old who isn't even sure they're a baritone yet.

  25. I agree, but in my personal opinion is a good idea to at least be familiarized with some of this arias.

  26. You can do that without actually singing them

  27. I stopped listening as soon as they mentioned Sailer. Tired of hearing about that r*tard

  28. Milk Pinocchio look. Wretched by itself but made worse by the fact that it was supposed to be “best drag”

  29. I like her because the rightoids are incapable of just blocking her and moving on - they are obsessed

  30. they need to start inviting more tops on the show just as a matter of principle. there's not enough sexual tension in the workroom and now we know why

  31. My mom says there’s a lot of black people in Africa

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