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  • By - Awmfg

  1. I totally feel you, but my situation is sadder then yours, I don't own a gaming console, and only have the ability to play on my phone with xbox game pass "Cloud service" and I love playing Bethesda's Fallout franchise, but Xbox game on cloud only offers the vanilla version.. and if your a Fallout 3 fan like me, you already know I can't play none, not any of the 5 DLC'S Fallout 3 offers, because it's not on Cloud service... meaning my Fallout 3 character is capped at being level 20, mean while if I had the ability to have DLC'S I would've been able to max out my character to level 30 and fully enjoy the game... FML living on broken dreams..

  2. Tr4c says:

    To top it off they even ran a beta/test for the new combat system, received nothing but negative feedback, and still went through with it

  3. This simple comment you made my friend, sums it all up of what Jagex is as a company.

  4. Would love if they did that with Fallout 3 aswell.

  5. Lmao, you don't think Jagex isn't working on their own RuneLite.. lol

  6. Maybe complain about the last 1000 QOL updates that "ruined" classic content instead of hating on something that actually creates something new.

  7. Lisen to yourself. Its Osrs they can create anything out of anything..

  8. Welcome to the club, osrs rng is very overwhelming, buckle up, you may still have afew more 1K dry streak to go.

  9. Your Youtube channel post has been removed because it is self-promotion. Read the

  10. Oh wow, not familiar with this one, i use Xbox game pass or steam.

  11. There's no option to select for purchase, if it was available on cloud mobile services i would purchase the DLCs.

  12. Even if I buy it on web store, I won't be able to play it, its not yet compatible to the cloud services. I only play on mobile cloud.

  13. When you load fallout 3 or new Vegas and go to downloadable content it takes you to the Microsoft store where you can buy em

  14. Sure and everybody else would love this also for every other game and dlc, but the reality is ms wants to make money (more than just what they get via the sub) and so.offering just the base game and selling the dlc is one one of the ways to get people to pay more.

  15. I didn't notice and saw an option to buy the dlc's on xbox game pass, other wise I would pay and buy them.

  16. Feels like Jagex is dying, out of ideas for new in game content. Soo sad..

  17. I would keep the wilderness bosses their original way based off of 2007 style and how they were introduced into the game, after all we talking about "Old School Runescape, it's ment to resemble the way the game was and to not tweak or change original content. It feels like Jmods/Jagex have ran out of ideas to make new content and have to change the authentic and original ones. Shame on you Jamflax!!!"

  18. I need your help! Everyone head to Tempoross now!

  19. I already quit and canceled my membership 2 weeks ago, glad i left before i got screwed over $2.00.

  20. You got scammed, or you gave your “friend” your password, and they cleaned your account?

  21. Never shared my account with no body, im simply lended my items through a period of 3 months, and all of a sudden the dude ran for the hills with my 1.9B twisted bow and gear, and sold for real world money.

  22. I had a similar experience. Been raiding with a guy in our clan for about a month or two and I stupidly let him use my twisted bow. He gave it back to me 2 or 3 times but then one day my buddy told me he loaned a tbow to him too and I instantly knew we were screwed. Sure as shit he double name changed and left the clan. Tl;dr trust no bitch. Always get collateral even if you’ve known each other for years.

  23. If things don't get cleared and solved and figured out, by tomorrow I will be posting here on reddit, his photo, and full name and country, all info i have of the thief.

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