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my wife doesn't like the way I eat chips

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  1. Wait. You guys get to unmask?! (Cue appropriate meme).

  2. Gonna sound wild but my newborn had this for weeks during the summer months. Turned out wherever our skin touched, she’s break out. It was never clear if it was heat rash or a reaction to my soap or cream or sweat. Once I started wear long sleeves (hell in mid summer, but hey that’s motherhood!) her skin cleared up. Once it cooled we returned to skin on skin and she was fine!

  3. Same. Joy feels like a fever dream now when I try to remember it. But I do like a kitty blep. And being alone with hot tea, watching the rain outside. Preferably with a blepping kitty (my cat usually obliges)

  4. My kid can drive and drink me under the table. After a long day my baby asks for me to put a little Hennesey in his bottle so he can take the edge off. No pacifiers any more, just cigars and babbling about politics,

  5. Um. Is this supposed to be a brag? Please. Myyyyy 15m old will shortly be defending her Phd thesis while high on DMT. She’s been microdosing for half her life because otherwise she’s too intellectually under stimulated by her professors.

  6. That place is super depressing, lots of borderline child abuse from insane FB groups.

  7. Yeah I followed for the lols and left within a day or two from abject sadness for the kids being subjected to that madness.

  8. Autistic mom with 1 autistic child and 2 NT kids. I do t for a second believe or support the notion that raising ND kids is awful but I will say that it’s harder. My ASD daughter requires significantly more input, social guidance, and emotional support than my other kids. Not that they are neglected, but simply that they have fewer or different challenges than my middle daughter. I love them all desperately but my middle daughter needs more than the others. As an example, I drop my kids at their day mom and the youngest just toddles off to go chew on someone’s shoelace, while my middle has a harder time with transition. So I sit with her and talk her through the drop off and what pick up will look like, what activities she’ll do and what her options are if she feels overwhelmed. Her 1yo sister gives zero shits and only cares that I’m still there if she thinks I have a snack for her 😂 I’m so thankful that as her mom I can appreciate some of the issues she’s facing and I can help her through them. But yeah. She requires exponentially more parenting input than the others.

  9. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read something like this.

  10. I too like to fenestrate big words into sentences, even if I don’t really know what they mean.

  11. My husband just bought one. Just in case we won't have gas this winter. It will not heat the whole house, but it may help in the worst scenario.

  12. Wait. What ? Is there a chance we’ll be without gas this winter?

  13. It’s in keeping with the theme, and in spectacularly bad taste, so please name your WiFi ’James URL Ray’.

  14. I'll bring it up to her again but I will say that 4 years doing ironworker isn't nothing. Besides being a father it is one of the hardest jobs I've ever had to do.

  15. If you acknowledge that being a father is one of the hardest jobs, can you appreciate why your wife doesn’t want to be a full time SAHM without the emotional & mental balance that working out of the house brings her? I love my children desperately but I feel exactly as your wife does about staying home with them (my kids are 1 & 5 too).

  16. Interestingly, It's also known as Ching Chang Chong in Germany

  17. Ching Chong chah in SA many many years ago.

  18. There’s an IG thing about Werner Hertzogs sad beige toys for sad beige children. It’s amusing.

  19. I sat in a meeting with my autistic daughters teachers recently to discuss her education plan and which areas her teachers can provide some support on. In the report they only mentioned her cognitive abilities (she’s gifted) and I flagged it saying “but she needs more social/emotional support than academic support”. The teacher in question replied that she had left the autism diagnosis out because she “wasn’t sure if wanted that on her school record”. I was kinda pissed and pointed out that autism is not a bad word or something to be hidden or ashamed of. It’s merely an explanation of the way her mind works which is different to the majority of her peers. So. Given the stigma and apparent shame(?) that some people associate with autism, I vote we drop disorder and condition entirely. Autism/autistic is a fact. A way of being. An explanation. I’m proud of her divergence. She’s interesting, unique, and entirely her own person who lives her life her own way. Will it cause difficulties? Sure, she’ll spend much of her life swimming upstream, and we’ll be there to help keep her afloat when she’s tired from the strain of going against the current. But she will grow up a strong and confident swimmer so long as she is surrounded by people who appreciate her efforts and skills rather than question why she doesn’t/can’t/won’t just go with the flow.

  20. Haha! Now you know how I feel reading this sub. I can relate to the love of cosy cold months! I think there are just too many where I live. What sensory input don't you like about summer?

  21. Sticky everything. Sticky hands. Sticky body. Sticky but also dry feet. Did I mention sticky?

  22. I had my first at 17. I got allllll the comments. Still do. I’m 37 now with a 6yo and a 1yo, live in a pretty yuppy area with lots of yummy mummies, nice car, house etc and people are constantly doing mental arithmetic when I say “yeah I have 3 girls. My eldest is currently at a music festival in Belgium though so she couldn’t be here today”. Honestly I now do it just to fuck with them. “Oh I’m going to a new wine bar with my eldest” or “just chatting to my eldest about her latest tattoo” and then watching as their minds turn into a pretzel tryna figure out wtf is happening. Own it! Be proud! Screw them all.

  23. She looks great. Interesting outfit, and her face shines confidence in wearing it 👍 Awesome.

  24. How to Get Away with Murder. The first season had some intrigue and plot...and then they just start murdering people left and right after that.

  25. Thank you! I'm glad you mentioned the 'scaling' questions because they tend to appear on a lot of standardized assessments, and I hate them too. I always end up writing explanations and then feeling weird about it, so I appreciate the reminder that they don't always make sense to people.

  26. Scaling answers are the worst. They’re just not comprehensive enough and leave too much unsaid.

  27. I also noticed someone in comments suggested a "minky" blanket and OP said they'd definitely have one of those. Which is interesting because I put those in the "fuzzy" category. And the particular blanket I have in mind I think is probably a faux mink. But I say fuzzy meaning something different I guess?

  28. Funnily enough I don’t mind the minky ones. We have multiple couch blankets at home that have 1 good side and 1 “good god no” side. But if any of them touch my feet, regardless of which side, it’s game over.

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