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I Left My Boyfriend Over Laundry and I'm Not Sorry, and I Don't Regret It at All

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  1. I had to see this for myself. Truly a magnificent bargain.

  2. I like to remind myself that we came from the darkness when we were born and when we die we'll go back there. We've been there before.

  3. A coworker had a thing of pre workout at her desk. We were talking and she knew I was tired. She offered me some of it. She said it’s like strong coffee. I thought to myself “I know her and she’s normal so I’ll give it a go.” I read the back for the dosage amount, mixed some up, and drank it. Tasted pretty good; like a better Tang or Kool-Aid. About five minutes later I was holding the edges of my desk as hard as I could like a lunatic when I wasn’t typing. I was chalk full of unbridled energy with no physical outlet. I had the energy of a bear that has the energy of three bears. I remember thinking crazy shit like wanting to go run laps around the building. I felt like I could’ve bench pressed my car. The poor customers I dealt with that afternoon. I was chomping at the bit though all interactions. Never again.

  4. Really glad you followed your gut and got out of there OP.

  5. If he wants to go to school he should pay for it. You're not a sugar momma. It doesn't matter if he's your so or not. Would you expect the same from him?

  6. Are you body checking? Do you feel guilty when you eat? Are you counting all your calories and weighing your food? Do you feel like you're on a high when the numbers on the scale drop? Does your internal voice tell you that you'll be prettier, better, more liked if you're smaller? Do you continue to lose weight but you're never thin enough? If you answered yes to all of the above questions the answer is yes. If you answered yes to 1 or a few it's definitely the start of an eating disorder or ana.

  7. Also will help make sure you can keep your duck hard if it’s a lower dose

  8. I think thats up to you. If it would help you make peace by going to therapy then it's worth it. You just need to make sure that you're ready to walk away if your fears are confirmed and he's not willing to change.

  9. No. I'm fabulous and deserve it. I work hard. Also you should never feeling bad for investing in your best asset...yourself!💓

  10. How deep do you put your fingers in?

  11. The G-spot is about 2-3 inches in on the roof of the vagina.

  12. I laughed and cried both at the same time all Tuesday (the day after) I genuinely had so many tears from both laughing and crying. Yes very very shocking. Least I know what to warn others about now lol 😆

  13. I completely understand lol I was sobbing on the couch after I got mine done because they were so dark. I was like "why did I do this to my face 😭" Honestly I don't think they ever look good when they are just done, more so frightening 😅 haha that's for sure.

  14. I totally get it. I just kept saying why why why did I do this . Then laugh then cry and so on for probably the better half of 48 hours now I just need to be a grown up and deal with the decision I made and cross my fingers it works out haha

  15. I swear it gets better lol you will eventually scab and peel. Underneath it's incredibly light. After about 14-20ish days the pigment starts to come back. Not intensely it just darkens a little from the colour you are left with after the scabs come off. Lol I was like reminiscing over pictures from last week thinking I'm ugly now 😂 these brows will do things to you.

  16. Do you like yours not ? I had mine done yesterday and I’m like actually depressed need a fringe and can’t stop crying and worrying! X

  17. Oh my gosh I feel you! I was literally crying on the couch the whole night thinking I'd ruined my face. I was so sad.

  18. Not infected at all. Holy shit people calm down. Just suffering of tissue by the cannula. A common issue ergo not risky. In the last photo is healed already.

  19. Her skin is red, soar and literally pussing and black. How the fuck is that not infected?

  20. so do you think i should get both? botox to relax the muscle and then 0.5ml or less of filler in the left sides of my lips?

  21. I think you should see a skilled injector. They will know what's best.

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