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  1. I think she chose him because he was her weakest opponent but also the safest.

  2. Same issues with pldt. On prepaid. Not on fibr. It's been hard for me to teach classes

  3. I think they already feel the pressure (based on recent interviews with the writers). Can't wait!!!

  4. The baby learned to self-soothe, and that's probably why he stopped crying. Every interaction is a learning experience for the child and his mother's negative reaction must have taught him that he can't depend on her. There are studies that are exploring how babies react to their mother's face, whether they give a neutral or a happy face (i can't send the link but one of the studies is titled "differential effects of happy, neutral, and sad-still faces" (Rochat, 2002).

  5. I see. I don't think yelling at him was the right way to do it but I understand what you're saying.

  6. I don't believe yelling at him was right at all. I hate that parents glorify the idea of an infant self-soothing. They're supposed to be there for him as his carers and providers.

  7. I miss Gold's scores. They really stuck without me knowing, and only evoked my emotions towards the character once it's accidentally played on YouTube or Apple Music

  8. Same here! Over a month of NC atm. I got COVID in August and they didn't have the money because they blew it on a whim to move to NZ so we had to borrow from our relatives. Then in Dec, I got a fever because of the weather. They were yelling at me for "acting" sick and said to stop wasting their money as if I got sick on purpose. Also, I was trying to get some rest but got berated on visa applications (nmom was trying to instruct me but kept sounding too exaspirated that she had to explain visa requirements even though I don't want to live with them; I'm 25F and living in another country). A week later, they buy a large flat screen and a second fridge.

  9. Let her write that for you, guys! On time and starts right away with the projects unlike some writers I’ve found here on Reddit. Gives constant updates as well and turns-around the project BEFORE your due date. :) Worth every cent.

  10. Congratulations! It's a great start. I'm glad you got away from them. Narcissists suck your soul out.

  11. That’s a big step! Congrats and very proud of you!

  12. Thanks! Will see what comes out of it!

  13. I'm being recruited by them for a job. Is it legit? I noticed a lot of spelling errors.

  14. Sa doc ko naka kuha. Pwede ka guro mag pa check up sa usa ka clinic na naa doctor or pwede pod sa barangay health center basin free.

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