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  1. That pause between "tab toh....... rang ka khayal" 😭😭 it really ruined the monologue for me. How did SLB approve this take? Her dialogue delivery is really not her strength. And she has definitely done much better in other movies. This role was not her best work

  2. But that’s become her dialogue delivery for serious scenes. Watch one of those dance shows where she was a guest and a group played out a skit on her childhood and growth as an actor. She cried buckets and went on to the stage and did her longwordsalad……. Pause….impactfulline gig.

  3. This wouldn’t surprise me. Apparently, she was popular enough in her modeling days to get offers from Imtiaz and Bhoi before she signed onto do OSO. And then there was that Himesh Reshammiya song too.

  4. Haila really?! Kajol?! But wasn’t she married by then and SLB has a married actress allergy?

  5. idk how true that is considering he casted Madhuri for Chandramuki right after her marriage with Dr. Nene 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. That’s the reaction people give to curly tales anyway. I’ve asked people thins before - they just behave like a cobra’s entered the room.

  7. A longer clip would have shown Lolo also dancing somewhere over and joining Aish in a little shimmy. It’s so wholesome!

  8. kareena only wants to work with big names, so it's understandable at that point she didn't want to work with imtiaz

  9. All of them are pick mes. Everyone comes to mind, Rani, DP, PC, Alia, Anushka, Kat, Preity, Aish, Kareena. On the male side, Saif with his “i read a lot” nonsense, John, SRK, Aamir, AB Jr. The only exceptions are people like Irrfan and Hrithik. I also want to say Selmon is a pickme but for some reason he’s not (he still sucks).

  10. He likes the chase is all. Love & attention bombing, acting like he is mad about her till the chik falls hard. Then starts to act hard to get. Aloof, detached, emotionally unavailable, then she goes mad second guessing herself, insecure, hell bent on pleasing & keeping the guy. A vortex, black hole that pulls the girl and in and she stays in that for the long time. Her whole life seems devoid of him, then he says she doesn't have a life/personality of her own, no individuality and she should get a life. Classic case study of Narcissistic Asshole 101.

  11. I feel like even during the jagga jasoos promotions,he was always trying to get a rise out of her so he could somehow keep talking to her or like bantering with her

  12. So he should go and give befitting reply to Salman instead of seeing his vested interests and what about other films, let’s be honest the character aish was offered in veer Zara had no romantic angle with srk , and also I don’t expect srk to be ideal or something, he is a human but the way these feminist icons make him so ideal and gentleman and wat not is more questionable than his actions

  13. You know a lot goes on in life than what meets the eye. We see things play out in the media and it’s edited and filtered to give us a type of story. Maybe Salman has been given his befitting reply, but you know the guy, he’s crazy and stupid - I mean for years he went around moping his breakup and dude… Sneha Ullal? Zarine Khan? No reasonable man / woman worth their salt would engage with someone who wants to publicly sulk for over a decade. You wrestle with a pig, you roll in shit. People see the Big Boss banter and Eid hugging, but when it comes to dhanda, it’s down to leave my money alone.

  14. Then ppl stop calling him an ideal, his roles are also problematic which justified cheating, harassment , misogyny , objectifying women based on outer appearance, and those roles do have effect on society since those films are known as cults. I don’t expect him to be an ideal too but it’s the over glorification for me

  15. He’s my ideal for purely being the guy who burst out of nowhere, and gave a run for money to the likes of Salman, Aamir, Ajay, Sunny, and Rishi at the time. I’ve followed his story since I was a kid (in the 80s), his small roles on TV and so on. It’s remarkable. If we think the KJo-Zoya etc nepotism makes it difficult for people to break in today, imagine these actors too were sons of the big guns of their time. He had nothing to go for him but he made it and how. He’s not without his flaws and as a Stan I cringe and call that out too. I work in the Media so I get a lot of insider info on the good stuff too.

  16. because these days everybody dresses the same.. same time of clothes, same styling, same hair and same makeup. Anushka stands out. She has her own style and i never see her adhering to any sort of trends Or anything.

  17. All of these same same people are his launches, and he knows what they’re cutting up / sewing / getting shots for. Their styles are set by him, he should be the last one to complain.

  18. Ranveer just isn’t sexy at all. He’s so loud and jarring that you can’t imagine making out with him. These women just have no standards. Evident from the men they married.

  19. Such kind of behavior used to be very common back in the day in colleges. This is nothing.

  20. Been wondering about this... Looks bleak though ..she's going to start shooting for singham later this year... No sign of proceeding on intern and draupadi

  21. There’s such a thing as Registrar of Companies. Any Indian business needs to be registered on it, and update it with PnL statements. Google the rest.

  22. DS is not as fashion educated as they think. Ethics and morals toh hain nahin, bade baap ki jaagir jaise baat karenge bas.

  23. I repeat: I think it was PC who took SRK’s attention too far and spread the “rumour” that they were banging. He’s not one to take offence to bad press but this one got home. He cut her off and she had to scoot. Now with a gay man in a PR marriage.

  24. Arre I posted on another thread and people downvoted it saying oh it was a trust me bro thing. I mean if you have gup from people who’ve been around these people then they don’t want it!

  25. One of the better episodes. KJo could eat his own face because he couldn’t handle women with a brain. Bipasha came across as a fab, secure woman, enjoying Lara’s humour and applauding a fellow professional. They don’t make them like these anymore.

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