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  1. Press the play button and you can hear it. The last entry on the playlist is from 1pm, when they started playing RatM.

  2. Jalapeño Hot Sauce (the red one) is an absolute staple in our house and it’s been out of stock the last two times I went.

  3. Never had it from there but my guess would be they marinate it a long time in spices etc???

  4. Did anyone do anything about it? For everything short of murder SPD is a social club.

  5. Look, lots of cases are investigated and solved, not just murder. But unfortunately there simply is not enough man power to investigate every crime. And these thefts? With no witnesses, no evidence, no security footage, how do you suppose detectives investigate those crimes? Sort of impossible, yeah?

  6. Look, I know where I'm at and I like it here but at the moment for everything short of murder King County pretty much has a zero incarceration policy.

  7. I have no idea where you are getting thia zero incarceration policy from. And if anything, you can blame that on the courts, not SPD. SPD makes plenty of arrests for a multitude of crimes. But it really isn't up to them who gets lets out and who doesn't. But go check the KCJ roster...I am sure you will see plenty of people in there for things other than murder. I am not saying the system isn't screwed, but your perception is.

  8. Not to be a buzzkill, but not much to share this weekend. Feeling blah, lonely, stuck, and not my usual self. Just have to remind myself this too shall pass.

  9. Not Hailey related but does anyone wanna share some of your other favorite snark pages you follow? Doesn’t necessarily have to be mlmers.. maybe some influencers you don’t like or something 😂

  10. Carrot cake sounds really nice this weekend. Thank you for your kind words 😢

  11. If you can, get some carrot cake from PCC. It is so good!! 💗💗

  12. That's the plan my friend! I live in the CD close to a PCC ☺️

  13. Grabbing dinner with friends tonight near Madison Beach and then dinner with the fam tomorrow night because my cousin is in town!!

  14. Her getting ready video on TT. Is it just me or is she saying "crip" instead of "criMp"??

  15. Her blooper reels are SO fake and contrived. She just posted one. UGH

  16. I ended up taking a nap yesterday. It was heavenly.

  17. I literally said that I could rent a uhaul. I was hoping for some help since I don’t have much right now, but like I said I am willing to give some money to someone.

  18. This dickhead that was rude to you constantly makes rude comments on posts. Pay his poor pathetic self no mind.

  19. I mean it’s kind of pathetic you remember randoms you’ve never interacted with on Reddit and it seems to affect you this deeply.

  20. I remember you because I constantly see your replies and they stick out like a sore thumb. I am sure you have a miserable life and I wanted to call you out for being a dick to someone just trying to reach out for help...but go off little internet troll

  21. I hate how she will make videos promoting her lives. Like “come to my live in 15 min to watch me get ready” so weird

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