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  1. Update: I had a Doctor colleague tell me that it reminded him of the packaging that one time use surgical equipment come in (scalpels, suture kits, etc.) but... but why would they be empty and also sealed?

  2. It’s possible they are used to organize sterilized instruments into kits. We utilize ob kits, chest tube kits, surgical airway kits.. they all utilize reusable equipment that central stores assembles after sterilizing the used equipment. Then it is packed in a sterile package, wrapped in a sterile surgical drape and sealed inside a sealed plastic bag.

  3. OPs picture does look exactly like a recently posted and solved submarine sensor.

  4. Only the scale comparison of the two is so grossly off. It looks exactly like the linked shell. It looks sorta like the sub sensor they was the size of a person…

  5. indeed imagine getting that command , poke around lose a limb and you'll get a medal and some oil and grain as compensation not to forget the generous compensation of 5000 Roubels

  6. Sounds like you want the Flying J, but we have very different ideas of what constitutes a deli.

  7. I like the design, but a piece of advice: storing beer bottles this way could lead to a bit of a metallic taste (because of the bottle cap, naturally) in your beverage.

  8. A not entirely dissimilar one on Etsy is labelled as a suede brush. Were guns/military badges polished on a piece of suede, that needed occasional brushing-up?

  9. I wondered about that, but it seemed too far away from me to be able to hear it that clearly.

  10. It’s all about wind direction. It was out of the NNW from 10-20 mph at that time. It carried straight on over from canaries stadium to Lincoln.

  11. Yeah that’s a pornstar, she does a lot milf stuff or so I’ve heard.

  12. It was supposed to be a big deal since an actual teacher was going up in space. So pretty much every school child was watching that launch live. I'm pretty sure that was the last time we watched anything live in school when I was a kid.

  13. We didn’t make it back but I saw this truck rolling around the other day as a construction truck.

  14. Am I the only person that feels like these aircraft with this paint scheme came out of a late 80’s super hero tv show that we could watch on nick at nite now?

  15. There is no lake in Sioux City like there is behind the dam in Yankton. Personally I think Pickstown is the best place to go boating in SE South Dakota

  16. It’s more prevalent on home electronics that used that specific flame retardant mixture, like consoles and computers.

  17. I have 2 dogs, worried it will be toxic to them. Also really difficult to water since I don't have a sprinkler system and work in healthcare so hours are a bit rough

  18. Thank you - what is the color - is it bonded/embedded in the aluminum? If not, it's some type of coating or paint. Will check out the video.

  19. I am not overreacting, nor I am missing your point. I haven't read any news articles that has said Putin has ordered some random person's killing. If you google Putin killing UK citizen, the top article I get is about a former Russian intelligence murder. If he had so much power on NATO territories I guess he wouldn't have let these news of his getting cancer leaked. Regarding mental health issues, related science and this article:

  20. If you need me to google the list of people killed by the Russian state… you’re really missing the point. It’s fine.

  21. Car washes are bad for the environment. Larry Fink at Blackrock recommends people limit themselves to two washes a year.

  22. I operate apperson Construction, we specialize in drywall full tape and texture and general home maintenance. Give me a call and we can get you taken care of! 6054038786

  23. Reddit wasn't like this until the masses took over. I know I can't fix it. It doesn't mean I have to like it.

  24. Sure it was. Just because you were in some niche sub doesn’t mean shit. Literally every Internet forum ever since before you could spell internet.

  25. OK then. The fact that you call Reddit a "forum" tells me everything I need to know about you. Also, I was used to browse the web in Terminal. But you go on.

  26. Reading hard? I didn’t call Reddit a forum. I said forums have had this problem since forever. But if you think Reddit is magically not just another web forum but not built as one focus instead of globally anything… you’re a fucking idiot.

  27. Npk fertilizer values I think second value helps veriegation so look for like 10-18-4 for example. Mine has 2 pink leaves with a sliver and like 8 boring leaves. Moved to Leca and moss pole from soil and got another pink leaf curious to see what next few will look like

  28. sorry I guess i got it slightly wrong, it's now Nitrogen not high Phosporus that's the goal. If you look up 'best fertilizer for veriegated plants' you get a bunch of info on low nitrogen, instead of high phosphorus. I guess it's not quite the same thing.

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