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Elon Musk announces ‘general amnesty’ for all suspended Twitter accounts


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  1. This week he’s an airport nuisance, next week he’ll be shooting up a gay nightclub

  2. guns are only a problem for law abiding citizens to own

  3. Ridiculous! That’s like saying, speed limits are only a problem for law abiding citizens.

  4. Back when kids had to use victoria's secret catalogues

  5. In my day, it was the ladies lingerie section in the Sears & Roebuck catalog

  6. In all due respect, my post celebrates heroism, not war. That an unarmed individual would tackle a heavily armed attacker wearing body armor, and over-power him - to me, is virtually beyond belief. That said, I have no problem if you choose not to run this. Peace out. ✌️

  7. Market House Meats. Awesome hot corned beef sandwiches cooked to order.

  8. So how can everyone tell it’s a reprint? Would be nice to know if we see something like this in a store we can know what to look for

  9. Adjusting the table while the saw is moving. Glasses with no side shields. Fingers in the line of fire while freehand rotating a heavy/awkward piece. Drops the heavy/awkward piece onto the ground when he’s done.

  10. Additionally, no hearing protection. My ears are ringing after hearing this video.

  11. Hey, that’s business as usual at the Gary Indiana gun shops. Next stop, Chicago.

  12. When are the Republicans going to fight inflation, secure the border, and lower gas prices?

  13. Colorado voters have voted for the Bobert clown-show to go on

  14. Evangelicals make a deal with Donald the Devil, and now they’re crying crocodile tears?

  15. Mitch McConnell is married to an Asian, Elaine Chau; on the surface, it seems odd that he would put politics in opposition to his own personal interests.

  16. What a total waste of time and money by Republicans doing a worthless political circle jerk.

  17. If you think things are bad now, wait till Herschel Walker gets elected.

  18. Nice to see the Republican Leadership have left the Eastern Bloc-heads: Seig Heil - Mary Miller, and Brad ( Watermelon Patch ) Halbrook, down on the farm.

  19. Big whoop. Donnie the loser, lost the midterms, and will lose in 2024 as well.

  20. No surprise. Unfortunately, the Republicans haven’t contributed anything to this fortuitous state of affairs.

  21. I like the open shower setting. I assume your floors are sloped/pitched from the toilet to the floor drain.

  22. Too bad she never mentioned that her husband is blind🤔😝

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