News from P2K13

  1. Two games that have made me feel emotional, "The Last of Us" is the first. The second is "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons", which I definitely recommend picking up.

  2. The UK has the same latitude as Canada.

  3. When Brexit was voted in, and then Trump.

  4. Real question is why am I super motivated some days and completely unmotivated others.

  5. More to do with the hairstyle than colour probably, whatever colour you like is the answer.

  6. 'The Room' series is decent. 99% of the stuff you'll find on the marketplace are clickbait ad-filled cesspits.

  7. Reading the replies here it's still fucking annoying..I agree with OP... should sell their fucking organs for all I care.. You steal shit I worked hard for you should be forced to pay me back.

  8. Talk to the university, they have support. Also, work out what part of the course you're struggling with and talk to the lecturers and get resources to help yourself learn. Reach out to courses and books to improve any gaps, there's programming and game dev subreddits with some decent FAQs and resource lists. Or PM me any questions (I did Games Development at uni too). Game Dev isn't an easy course, a lot of people struggle, my course had about 70% of the students drop out before graduation (some changed courses, some vanished, a lot of people struggled with the maths - if you're struggling with the maths this book is decent -

  9. Go work at NASA. When a bug means that you lose a $500mm probe or that people die, everything has to be perfect.

  10. Fuck everything about safety critical software. Wouldn't work in that field for anything.

  11. Everything you do to a codebase adds technical debt, it's unavoidable, there's some arguments for doing refactor sprints with zero velocity every now and then on new products but old (15yr+) codebases are probably beyond help.

  12. Do you guys think the Tories will get re-elected in the next general election? And if so, which country is it best to immigrate to?

  13. Norway, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand? Scotland and break away?

  14. NZ only if you're loaded. I moved from the UK to NZ 10 years ago. I have no regrets and love it here but I wouldn't be able to afford it today.

  15. What sort of salary do you need to live a decent life there?

  16. Disagree. They're not thick at all they know exactly what they're doing. Their priorities are just vastly different to the majority of people they're leading.

  17. And they do shit like physically lying down in parliament so when you Google Rees-mogg lying in parliament all you get is that news article.

  18. If we know anything, it’s that giant murder hornets respect a human press badge.

  19. Probably respect it more than the Russian army does at least

  20. Can't wait for all the non-Brazilian teams to get booed

  21. Ruins the viewing experience :)

  22. I have most of those symptoms as well and my GP insists that long covid is a myth. I guess as far as I've read there's nothing they can do about it anyways except make recommendations to manage symptoms but it'd be nice to have on record considering there are some days I can hardly function at work and don't want to get fired without at least some paperwork to say I'm not just hamming it up.

  23. 'Long Covid' is Post-Viral Fatigue, it has existed for a long time before Covid, triggered by other viruses like EBV with nearly identical symptoms. I had it and the fatigue lasted three years, with the brain fog lasting a year. It also triggered Fibromyalgia which I still have.


  25. This is Monmouth, there’s a Cafe Nero opposite side of the road from this fire, a Coffee#1 just down the road (best of the chains in my opinion) and opposite that is a really nice dog friendly coffee shop called Coffi Lab.

  26. Technically it can be transmitted by sexual contact, ergo it is a sexually transmitted infection? Unless it's implied that STI's are exclusively transmitted by sexual contact.. which probably isn't true since others can be transmitted by blood contact. Similar to Ebola, which I believe can be classed as an STD?

  27. So miss seeing f0rest in T1 :(, 100% believe he still has the ability to play at the highest level.

  28. This is maddening. Why the fuck are the russian people allowing this to happen??

  29. Internet access is not the same thing as uncensored internet access.

  30. Imagine being able to disagree with someone but also identify their strengths as individuals. Or is that too nuanced for Reddit?

  31. Too nuanced for thorin at least

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