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  1. The way we're going to approach this is the following...

  2. This is what is going to happen

  3. What his % in the last 10-15 clutch games

  4. He is a winner and he will prove this when its all said and done.

  5. Back to back seasons! Last season my best pick up was Siakam, harrison barnes & bam. This season i got julius randle, lauri, fox & Luka! Back to back champion!

  6. That’s big time congrats

  7. Benji (the gawd) Ritholtz was saying yesterday that there is no negative outcome that can diminish the significance of the positives from this season. The Brunson deal appearing to be a steal, Julius returning to We Here form, IQ leveling up, the strides of Grimes and the incremental improvements of RJ's game are varying degrees of huge wins to regular sized wins.

  8. Thibs is a great coach

  9. You don’t see guys in their primes get traded to non playoff teams or a tanking team for a example. A team on the come up would trade for him but theres not many of those going into next season. Similar to the wolves going for Gobert. Magic are up and coming but they have banchero. On the flip side a bunch of title teams seem like randle could fit in at the 4 to solidify their team. Miami, Phoenix teams like that.

  10. You are right in that most times players in their prime get traded to better teams. But that generally happens when they either request a trade or if the team they are on is blowing it up. The Knicks don’t owe Randle anything. Especially if they feel he is toxic they are not going to care where he goes and Randle isn’t good enough to force a trade to where he wants to play.

  11. He would never request a trade if he didnt last season he wont do it. The only way Julius gets traded is if Brunson wants it to happen but I doubt that would happen no matter what happens in the playoffs. Randle and brunson have created excellent chemistry on and off the court. The odd man out to me is RJ but that could change. I believe if we make a good run in the playoffs even lose r1 but fight hard we might have the same exact team next season i wouldnt mind that.

  12. No till he becomes better at the intangibles. The analytics are not nice to Rj. He needs to become better at defense, passing, rebounding and maybe most importantly his 3 point shot.

  13. I would think McDaniels would be untouchable but he doesnt get the same opportunity on the wolves with kat and edwards both playing. To be honest id want to give him that chance and trade rj for him. He might be a mikal bridges type player in the future already an elite defender.

  14. It's obvious. Don't know why some people get mad whenever this is said.

  15. Its fair but why do people love bagging on a player when he has only played in one playoff series lol. Its a fine critique but I need a bigger sample size. Shit even josh hart has never played in a playoff game. Down the line after this or next season these conversations are better to have but rn premature. Brunson didnt blow up till his 3rd playoff series. Kyle lowry didnt blow up till like his 7/8th playoff series these are just examples.

  16. The guy has had a bad few games in a season that not too many Knicks players have played to the level of. Can we let him slide for a few freaking games before everybody grabs the pitchforks?

  17. Bro said his style doesnt fit the Knicks. He is the Knciks offense! Along with brunson fans embarrassing themselves comeon now.

  18. The analytics tell us that you are wrong. Out of all the players that have attempted 200 shots in isolation which is about 7 players. Randle is for from the worst and is efficient. The funny thing is that he gets to the free throw line way less than the these other guys do. Randle shot selection without Brunson is going to consist of more long 2s but with Brunson he shoots 3s & drives to the basket for a little short middie that is a great shot for him. Another thing is Randle and Brunson both have to take the shots they do the way they do because we dont have elite shooter or spacing. Randle has to shoot jumpers especially from 3 to keep the defense honest and space the court for his other teammates. Its a good thing Grimes is starting to shoot better but the next guy in line is RJ. The more 3s the better. The knicks dont have a top 10 offense for no reason Brunson and Randle are the engines of this offense they have had spectacular seasons.

  19. Didn’t this resurface last year after Julius did the thumbs down lol

  20. Not all of us! I just wish the fanbase would support our guys at their lows. Criticism is ok but the “i told you so” and constant trade talk, narratives about locker room (we know nothing about) and other things are wack as hell.

  21. The fanbase is so self-entitled it’s ridiculous. They say whatever they want about the players but if they players say anything in response or defend themselves they cry about that.

  22. Lmao exactly. They call the players weak or mentally weak when in reality they are the ones , content creators especially, with such big egos and self entitlement. They criticize players all day but cant handle being called out.

  23. The ones with nuance are normal and the ones who call him names are either RJ stans or Obi stans lol.

  24. I certainly think Randle is leagues above where he was last year and he should be praised a lot for his leap in mental fortitude and his availability for every game.

  25. A big thing no one is discussing is how he responded yesterday in the 2nd half. He played his part to lead to a win without jb was a plus 20.

  26. As someone who has also been dealing with mental health issues since a teenager...Fuck off.

  27. If the team still rides and dies for him I do too 💯

  28. Thank you. They switch up to tear this player down instead of ok accepting what he did was wrong & then supporting him. Its ridiculous on social media.

  29. Julius randle built this culture from the bottom

  30. “And he’s determined to drag it back there” what a stupid comment.

  31. This is fucking stupid. Mitch needs to get his mind right. No team in the NBA thats a playoff team will bring mitch on to get more touches. He wants to shoot 10 times a game go play for the rockets this is fucking ridiculous.

  32. Minnesota peaked and we still came back from down 17 no one should be taking this loss seriously

  33. I saw a comment from a Pels fan yesterday saying he’d take Randle over Zion. Regardless of whether or not that’s a smart take, I can’t believe we’re even in this place after last year. Pretty incredible

  34. I would too he plays and performs. I know a lot of pels fans they all say that. A lot of laker fans also want randle over AD.

  35. One of which was a bailout shot from Quick with 4 seconds left on the clock and the other was the last possession heave.

  36. Grimes was getting killed by prince sadly

  37. Brunson mostly tbh but grimes was getting killed by conley

  38. What a game. What a clutch performance from these Knicks. Outplayed Denver most of this game and made the right plays last 3 minutes.

  39. Josh Hart won this game for the Knicks. He kept us in the game at the end of the 3rd.

  40. Hasnt worked the last couple games he tried it. Its too risky better to stick to our identity. Maybe it would work with iQ, Rj, Hart, Obi and Randle. Thats something i would try.

  41. He needs to get paid. 3rd best player on this squad.

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